Pulse: A Safety Culture iAuditor Alternative that adds Simplicity to Safety

Pulse is a world-class safety audit and inspection tool that is easy to use and widely adopted by organizations to digitize everyday operations and EHS inspection and management - the perfect Safety Culture’s iAuditor Alternative.

A Safety Culture

Why Switch to Pulse’s 360° Inspection and Compliance Audit Tool?

Regardless of your business model and size, your teams need an efficient, yet simplified management system. Empower your team leaders and managers to oversee all operations quickly and take required action using real-time data and insights.

Use AI automation and limitless integrations to achieve better and faster business results.

Upgrade to Pulse - a Better iAuditor Alternative a Smoother Workflow Management

A Next-Gen Checklist Engine


Make your inspections more efficient, productive, and risk-free by pre-scheduling their frequencies.

API Integrations

Plug your existing software systems with Pulse to keep things simple and automate everything as per your requirements.

Checklist Templates

Build your own templates using our drag and drop template builder, choose from existing templates or upload your existing checklists.

Platform Connectivity

Get the best out of our suite of products to enjoy a seamless experience handling your internal and external processes.

Powerful Analytics

Dynamic analytics dashboard that automatically tracks, analyses, and reports the performance of your organization.

Why Brands Choose Pulse Over iAuditor?

Tired of using outdated, complicated tools for your inspections? Are you looking for the 3 S of an efficient audit process: Simple, Smart, and Supportive? Then you are not the only one. Thousands of customers have switched to Pulse and here’s why!

Repetition is Needed

Simpler & Faster Setting-up

Today’s world is a perpetual race where staying ahead of the game is a must. Our tools and analytics are lightning-fast and easy to set up. You can generate new checklists in minutes or choose from the thousands of pre-built options, effortlessly assign tasks and quickly check the results.

This gives companies and project managers a unique edge over their competitors.

Upgraded Usability for Quicker and Wider Adoption

Pulse is ready to be deployed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Tick the boxes, take quick photos from inside the app, and leave your comments - yes, it’s that easy!

No need for long tutorials and minimal scope of errors for your team makes Pulse the best choice for quicker and wider adoption. 

For more than one inspection in a week
Managing Times

Analytics That Aid Action

One dashboard for all action - this makes Pulse truly the one-stop solution for all your audit and inspection woes you have faced with other applications like iAuditor.

Faster and Better Support

At Pulse, we value every query and feedback from our customers. That’s why we have an extensive knowledge base that we keep updating regularly. Not just that, our support team is ready to serve you 24x7, something that many iAuditor users have complained about.

For weekly inspection

Efficient Use Cases Across Industries

Pulse is designed from the ground up to suit the intrinsic needs of the following industries:

Digitize your inspections with Pulse today

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