Complete the cycle in real-time with an action

Unsure what to do with an issue or how to get it completed? Simple. Convert it into action with Pulse and close the loop

Empower your teams to convert any issue into action, ensuring better collaboration and an effective issue mitigation process.


Do much more with your actions

Add additional messages in the form of notes and photos to your actions to make them more informational and actionable. Also set the priority for the action and a due date to ensure that your employees fix the issue on time.

Just like a conversation

A timeline is embedded in all your actions and issues which means the entire flow is depicted in the form of a conversation that you can easily comprehend. You and your team members can add photos and additional comments after the last message, just like how you chat with your friends.


A bird’s eye view of all actions

With Pulse, you get a complete picture of all the actions taken along with the issues detected. Make important decisions with the help of 360 degrees view of the inspection data that is extremely critical for your organization.

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We have never come across a more intuitive issue mitigation process than the one offered by Pulse. The effortless way in which it tracks actions and mitigates even future issues, makes it one of the most useful applications we have used in our organization so far.

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