Delight your guests every time. Ensure safety and sustainability protocols are followed.

Taste the sweetness of 100% customer satisfaction by offering world-class hospitality

With Pulse, your staff is vested with significant powers and responsibilities in keeping your customers satisfied and help them to enjoy their experience with your brand. Apart from being the gold-standard in customer service, your brand will also be known as the one that takes care of the staff as its own family

Trusted by top industry brands

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Maintain Safety

Use Pulse to access and implement hundreds of tailor-made safety checklist templates that will keep your staff and customers safe

Stay Compliant With Regulations

Regulators always catch you at the wrong time. Ensure 24*7 compliance with digitization of manual checklists

Maintain Brand Standards

Deliver great and consistent experiences. Digitize tracking of service standards, staff grooming, cleanliness and much more

Gain More Control

Maintaining large properties is complicated and exhaustive. With Pulse, make coordination and communication easy, and take full control from anywhere

Turbocharge the guest experiences

  • Create templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or use your own list of SOPs
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign inspections to your co-workers as per their shipment schedules on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Assign actions on the spot - If anyone notices a vehicle failure or a damage during the transit, one can immediately report and assign it to the relevant person and can instantly get it sorted resolved before it becomes an issue
  • Scan through results - Identify patterns and continuously correct errors in order to make your processes safer
Rashmi Daga Rashmi Daga

Rashmi Daga

Founder at FreshMenu

"At FreshMenu, we are always eager to adopt new intuitive technology to deliver high-quality food within the hygiene protocols to our consumers. Thus, we collaborated with Pulse - an EHS inspection software that digitises our daily checks related to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Pulse is an easy-to-use tool that provides high visibility in the form of insightful data and visual proofs accessible in real-time from anywhere. It has helped us in resolving issues faster and creating an overall safety culture."

Rashmi Daga

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