Enhance fleet safety and efficiency with Pulse by having more control

Get real-time reports of various inspections in your logistics business and make the transportation process high-standard

The biggest challenge for the logistics industry is managing safety, material management, compliance, and day-to-day operations. With carefully curated logistics and transportation audits and smart data analysis on Pulse, such businesses can mitigate health and safety-related issues, make fleet efficient and fast, reduce risks, improve delay in operations and enhance warehouse conditions


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Enhance Fleet Efficiency

Vehicle failure and downtime create losses. Pulse provides visibility into how multiple sites and drivers are operating

Improve Order Accuracy

Control safety of your goods. Right from the placement of the order to the delivery of the shipment

Reduce Cost

Business intelligence to help you reduce the cost of vehicle repair, maintenance and noncompliance

Ensure Safety

Monitor safety protocols live from anywhere by digitizing all your checklists

Fuel your logistics chain

  • Create templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or use your own list of SOPs
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign inspections to your co-workers as per their shipment schedules on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Assign actions on the spot - If anyone notices a vehicle failure or a damage during the transit, one can immediately report and assign it to the relevant person and can instantly get it sorted resolved before it becomes an issue
  • Scan through results - Identify patterns and continuously correct errors in order to make your processes safer

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