Elevate production capacity and product quality with Pulse

Digitally examine site safety, operations and processes to ensure the highest standards

With carefully created manufacturing checklists on Pulse, conduct frequent and hassle-free inspections for safety, health, risks, quality, machinery, equipment, compliance and much more. Empower your employees to adhere to safety and quality standards. Take quick corrective measures for failed areas from anywhere through real-time data available on Pulse


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Enable On-Time Delivery

Strict process adherence through digitization helps your business meet tough deadlines

Reduce Downtime

With extremely easy and regular digital assessments on Pulse, reduce the downtime in your production activities and processes

Guarantee Safety

Heavy machinery at manufacturing sites can be hazardous for the workers if inspections are not regular. With Pulse, ensure that all the safety protocols are followed diligently

Minimize Defect Rate

Identify weak areas early and take immediate actions to minimize defect rate

Transform to capture end-to-end value

  • Create templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or use your own list of SOPs
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign inspections to your co-workers as per their shipment schedules on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Assign actions on the spot - If anyone notices a vehicle failure or a damage during the transit, one can immediately report and assign it to the relevant person and can instantly get it sorted resolved before it becomes an issue
  • Scan through results - Identify patterns and continuously correct errors in order to make your processes safer

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