Capture incidents in real-time without pre-scheduled inspections

Empower ground staff to take accountability and flag issues, hazards, and observations as soon as they see them for mitigating the gap between an incident and resolution.

No more under-reporting. Build an efficient safety, health, and compliance culture by simplifying incident reporting for the employees with Pulse. Receive instant automatic notifications about minor issues, accidents, near-miss, hazards, and key observations reported by ground staff to take quick corrective actions without delay. Gather incident reports to observe trends and patterns.

Download the Pulse app on mobile devices and select an incident reporting checklist from the library of checklists to get started with post-incident reporting inspections. Access more information about the incident such as root cause, near-miss report, accident report, etc.

Empower employees to take accountability

Empower employees to take accountability

Bring your entire team together to take responsibility for safety in the company. Reduce gaps between incidents and resolution by empowering employees to capture all kinds of issues from anywhere in real-time with all the details.

Accurately record incidents

Don’t miss a single issue happening at worksites. With Pulse’s straightforward technology, allow each staff to report all minor to major accidents in the pre-defined category with visual proofs Before they start to negatively affect operations and company’s reputation.

Receive timely notifications

Receive timely notifications

Make the most of Pulse’s automatic technology by receiving timely notifications for reported incidents. Gather knowledge about visual proofs and the severity of incidents to quickly assign corrective actions to concerned team members.

Prioritize issues as per severity rank

In case of multiple issues of different nature occurring simultaneously, assign actions first for high-severity issues. Understand the urgency and vulnerability in real-time from anywhere to break the chain of negative repercussions.

Prioritize issues as per severity rank
Identify trends at the centralized dashboard

Identify trends at the centralized dashboard

By creating insightful incident reports on the spot or later on Pulse, observe current and past data to know common patterns, mistakes, and staffs’ performance. Understand the root cause for each incident to stop reoccurrences and to improvise processes.

Main benefits of Incident Reporting on Pulse

End of under-reporting

All kinds of issues can be captured immediately with the help of mobile devices in less than 10 minutes.

Faster and intuitive workflow

No more paperwork and lengthy process of manual issue reporting with Pulse’s simple technology - aimed to make digitization easy for ground workers.

Accountability in staff behavior

Better communication and transparency among employees about safety and health concerns of each other and customers.

Enhanced visibility and control

More visibility into operations, failures, loopholes, the root cause of issues, etc, and more control over improvement.

Top checklists to use for Incident Management

  • Incident report form
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Inspection process
  • Near miss report
  • Employee accident form
  • Accident Injury Report
  • Vehicle Damage Report
  • Fire Incident Report

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