Insightful reports at your fingertips

Insightful reports at your fingertips

Get access to comprehensive reports on the performance of your employees

Office Cleanliness Inspection
04 April 2020/ Mike
Failed Items
Conducted on
13 April 2020

You are the architect of your reports

We understand your need for brand-specific reports that have to be generated instantly, effortlessly, and efficiently. That’s why all our reports are fully customized enabling you to add your own logo, your own font, and much more. On top of that, sharing reports has never been easier with Pulse as all it takes is 1 push of a button.

Enjoy limitless flexibility in report sharing

With Pulse, you can experience immense flexibility in deciding whom to share the reports with. On top of it, you can even decide the fields that need to go in a report before sending it to a person.

Stock replenishment checklist
The stock replenishment checklist is updated with the latest checks and ready for implementation at any time.
Staff Inspection Report
Warehouse Location
#234, Smith Avenue, Edmonton, Tampa, FL 33601

Number of SKUs inspected

Inspection performed by
Lucy Adams

Date and Time of Inspection
16:30, 27 Apr 2020
Mike Adams
Has successfully completed an inspection
Factory Safety Checklist
Score - 90 Fail - 3 Actions - 7
Jane Burns
Has successfully completed an inspection
Emma’s Boutique: Staff Health Checklist
Total Points - 90 Unachieved Items - 3 Actions Performed - 7

A centralized repository for all your reports

Now no more worrying about disk space or last-minute scampering to retrieve your last month’s report. With Pulse, you not only get unlimited space to store your reports, but all your reports are neatly organized and can be easily retrieved anytime, anywhere.

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One of our important requirements with inspection software was the need for advanced reports to share it with higher management. With Pulse, report generation not only became a possibility but generating a report and sharing it was super-quick and effortless that even a beginner could generate and share it.

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