Improve safety and productivity through better control

Monitor construction sites using smart digitised checklists and ensure safety and quality standards

At construction sites, it is crucial to manage safety, health, security, cost, and environmental concerns. With carefully created construction checklists on Pulse, get EHS insights and further empower your employees. Schedule audits for different sites or locations at once and, ensure compliance, cost management, and internal control

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“Pulse enabled flawless service across 40 outlets for this rapidly expanding brand.”

Monitor Construction Sites Live

With carefully created construction checklists on Pulse, get live insights from all locations

Ramp Up Safety

Convert your manual checklists into digital ones on Pulse. With real-time data sharing across teams, apply corrective measures before issues become accidents

Gain More Control

The nature of work at construction sites is complicated and exhaustive. With Pulse, make coordination and communication easy, and take full control of the site from anywhere

Guarantee Quality

On Pulse, checklists aimed to inspect the quality can be extremely beneficial in producing desirable quality. In case of any defects, the Pulse system helps you notify concerned team members immediately

Grow by going digital

  • Create templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or use your own list of SOPs
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign inspections to your co-workers as per their shipment schedules on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Assign actions on the spot - If anyone notices a vehicle failure or a damage during the transit, one can immediately report and assign it to the relevant person and can instantly get it sorted resolved before it becomes an issue
  • Scan through results - Identify patterns and continuously correct errors in order to make your processes safer

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