Achieve the highest food safety and customer satisfaction standards with Pulse

Centralize all types of inspections and action planning to consistently maintain food quality and hygiene

With Pulse’s cloud kitchen and restaurants checklist library, start your journey of best managing the health and safety of your employees as well as customers digitally. Always be on top of food compliance and customer satisfaction games. Empower your staff to report small to big incidents on Pulse using the mobile app so that managers are always aware of deficiencies and risks, and can assign quick positive action to fix the problems. By using data and reports features on Pulse, get full insight into the performance of staff and improve services and quality.

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Rashmi Daga Rashmi Daga

Rashmi Daga

Founder at FreshMenu

“At FreshMenu, we are always eager to adopt new intuitive technology to deliver high-quality food within the hygiene protocols to our consumers. Thus, we collaborated with Pulse. It is an easy-to-use tool that provides high visibility in the form of insightful data and visual proofs accessible in real-time from anywhere. It has helped us in resolving issues faster and creating an overall safety culture.”

Rashmi Daga

Guarantee Kitchen Hygiene & Safety Protocols

Empower your staff to follow safety and hygiene protocols with the help of digital checklists on Pulse and ensure the most efficient food safety management. No more use of paper now.

Centralize Inventory Management

Avoid any stock related problems last minute and always keep a track of your inventory in real-time on Pulse’s dashboard.

Master Quality & Services

By doing regular food quality inspections and customer surveys using Pulse’s well-curated and elaborate checklists, always gain positive customer reviews and get awarded for top services.

Maintain equipment effectively

Avoid loss of raw materials, breakage of useful machines, and delay in deliveries by conducting daily checks. Prompt staff to flag errors in equipment functionality for the quick recovery process and smart data collection.

Optimize the best technology to master customer satisfaction

  • Power-packed templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or digitize your own existing list of SOPs to do all necessary checks related to food safety, kitchen hygiene, inventory management, staff health, customer feedback, etc.
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign checks to internal staff to avoid wastage of resources and promote safety culture and incident reporting. Send timely automatic reminders to the concerned member for conducting inspections before the deadline and flagging issues.
  • Corrective actions on the spot - If the auditor notices issues - big or small such as equipment failure in the kitchen, material expiry, food safety concerns, etc, they can immediately assign corrective actions on the Pulse app to the concerned members for faster recovery and smooth operations.
  • Get insightful data - Get insights into the full working conditions of the kitchen and operations to consistently improve processes and maintain food quality for the customers.

Top checklists for Cloud Kitchen and Restaurants

  • Equipment Inspection
  • Fridge Temperature Inspection
  • COVID-19 Protocol Compliance Checklist
  • Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Kitchen Review Checklist
  • Inventory Observation Checklist
  • Kitchen Safety Checklist
  • Customer Survey Checklist
  • Hygiene Checklist
  • Kitchen Maintenance Checklist
  • Delivery Management Checklist
  • Food Safety Checklist
  • Service Review Checklist
  • Housekeeping SOP Checklist

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