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  • Thousands of pre-made customizable checklists
  • Upload your existing checklists
  • Create fresh digital checklists on smart template builder
Professional Templates

Digitizing your checklists is easier and smarter than before with Pulse. Completely eliminate the use of paper for inspections. Convert your existing checklists into digital ones or pick directly from the Pulse checklist library. Make inspections authentic and insightful with visual evidence, annotations, geotagging, and conditional question types. Start your first inspection on Pulse mobile app.

Upload existing checklists

Convert your existing checklists/forms/surveys into a template on Pulse. All you have to do is upload your document and we will take care of the rest. Supported documents include PDF, Excel, and Word.

Choose a template from the library

Choose a tailor-made template from Pulse’s library of over 11150 free editable checklists. These checklists are carefully curated in collaboration with industry experts. You can edit them using Pulse’s smart checklist builder.

Create fresh checklists

Simply drag and drop elements and build your own template in minutes. Add different types of questions such as checkboxes, multiple-choice, conditional, and descriptive. Additionally, add signature fields and make images mandatory.

Infuse logic into your inspections

Why have only basic questions types in your checklist templates when you can add logical and conditional questions with Pulse’s smart checklist builder? Make your templates insightful and clear by hiding questions that are not relevant to some answers.

Add visual evidence

Make the most of inspections on Pulse by making images mandatory for questions of your choice. Gain insightful and authentic data in real-time. Managers can later analyze images and comments in reports or galleries to resolve an issue or understand the root cause better.

Authenticate inspections with geotagging & annotation

Empower employees or inspectors to annotate images highlighting problem areas and to add additional comments. Pulse also automatically geotags images captured by the auditors to provide full evidence for location, day, and time.

Powerful auto-sync

Share the same template with multiple teams or offices in real-time with Pulse’s powerful auto-sync feature that synchronizes every activity in your organization. Keep everyone on the same page. Enhance transparency.

“Creating checklists for each task and job was not easy for the team. It was taking a lot of their bandwidth. Pulse has proved to be extremely efficient and useful with their library made with consultations from experts. We found checklists for each use case there. In some cases, we also uploaded our specific checklists on Pulse without any hassle. Customization was smooth too.”

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