Powerful & Advanced analytics engine

Pulse comes packaged with state-of-the-art analytics that automatically tracks, analyses, and reports the performance of your organization

Issues detected
2% lower than last week
Inspections Conducted
10% higher than last week

Dynamic analytics dashboard with real-time information

Get access to millions of data points all stored in one place and converted to readable formats for you in the form of numbers and charts. Also, filter the data based on multiple parameters helping you to see only the data you want. Want to drill down even further? With Pulse, it is possible as you can zoom in to see even an individual action and response from the dashboard.

Be the master of your data

Experience the power of an interactive dashboard where you can add notes and photos to an action. Get a 360 degrees view of all the issues and actions that have been taken so far all in one window of your Pulse dashboard.

Inspections Conducted
Issues Detected
Issues Resolved
Missed Inspections
Top Issues Detected
Quality of food not good in the cafeteria
Lack of adequate public transportation for employees to commute
Housekeeping staff not cleaning the premises every day
Frequent internet outage
Attendance system not working
There is a 70% chance of you losing internet connectivity at your desk.
Current signal strength
Performance of internet this week
5% higher than the preview week

Never guess ‘what next’ with Pulse

Data is ‘gold’ and there is no better place to find that out than Pulse. With Pulse, You get access to all data associated with inspections from every possible angle. This gives you an advantage in finding trends and patterns. This helps you to prevent future issues by attacking them from the root. All this within the four walls of Pulse.

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We never thought that we could predict safety issues in advance in our organization. So we were pleasantly surprised when we could actually do it with Pulse. The advanced data points collected coupled with insightful trends helped us to detect patterns in various issues and helped us to take preventive measures. Now, we don’t see those issues cropping up anymore like how it used to.

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