Sell more, worry less. Control ambiance, grooming, visual merchandising from your head office.

Enhanced profitability and uniform brand experience with Pulse

With Pulse, your store activities are streamlined to perfection, letting your customers enjoy uniform brand experience across all the stores. The user-friendly application empowers your store employees to manage every activity of the store without a glitch

Trusted by top industry brands

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“A win-win situation that enhanced customer experience and employee experience in tandem”

Eliminate Stock Loss

Implement stringent and more frequent checks to reduce stock losses. Digitization makes it much easier

Maintain Brand Standards

Deliver great and consistent experiences. Digitize tracking of service standards, staff grooming, store openings and much more

Track Marketing Campaigns

Make the money spent on marketing work for you. Improve store level compliance in real time

Gather Customer Feedback

Using Pulse your store staff can conduct in the moment customer surveys

Reimagine your retail network

  • Create templates - Use powerful pre-built templates or use your own list of SOPs
  • Pre-schedule inspections - Assign inspections to your co-workers as per their shipment schedules on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Assign actions on the spot - If anyone notices a vehicle failure or a damage during the transit, one can immediately report and assign it to the relevant person and can instantly get it sorted resolved before it becomes an issue
  • Scan through results - Identify patterns and continuously correct errors in order to make your processes safer

Top checklists for Retail

  • Inventory audit checklist
  • Retail visual merchandising checklist
  • Store opening checklist
  • Cash collection and deposit checklist
  • Mystery customer checklist
  • In store survey checklist
  • Back room audit
  • Staff grooming audit
  • Training evaluation checklist
  • Regional manager visit checklist
  • Marketing collateral checklist
  • Window display checklist
  • Store assets maintenance checklist
  • Local compliance documentation checklist

Say welcome to improvements

Make problem-solving quick with Pulse.