BARE International Partners with Pulse

Partners with Pulse

BARE International Partners with Pulse to Revolutionize Customer Experience for Brands

BARE International, a global company with 35 years of experience in customer research is joining hands with Pulse, a leading inspection and audit software company creating world-class EHS and compliance management systems. The partnership aims to help clients from across the industries with identifying issues that are affecting customer experience and providing actionable solutions.

For many years, BARE International has been using its global workforce of evaluators to monitor brands and get critical data to analyze. The company is doing business for clients in over 150 countries and completing more than 50,000 audits per month. The integration of Pulse with BARE International can revolutionize data collection and data analysis. Pulse with its new- age technology makes data collection from inspections extremely convenient and hassle-free. Using Pulse’s smart checklist editor and library, clients can conduct inspections in just a few clicks and gather insightful data including visual proof in real-time from any part of the world. This data can further help the client enhance its customer experience and overall internal operations.

Both the companies also have expertise in implementing regulations and compliance for clients from industries such as FMCG, hospitality, health & wellness, manufacturing, and many more. Thousands of carefully drafted EHS and compliance management checklists available on Pulse can help the clients save money on non-compliance penalties and create a work culture where incidents are reported timely and actions are taken quickly.

In the times of COVID-19, many brands are willing to evaluate the effect of health and safety on customer experience. Expanding on the same,

These are exciting times for Pulse as the clients from BARE International can now explore with us how sustainability, health, and overall operations have consequences on customer experience. They will be able to make the most of technology and research, and attain a 360-degree approach to building healthy relationships with their customers without compromising on compliance and health of workers.

Simon Mangos, CEO, of Pulse

While BARE International evaluators can detect problems related to quality, safety and operations through customer interviews and feedback, the mobile app of Pulse can enable clients to empower their employees for on spot incident reporting independent of inspections. The moment ground workers see an issue that might lead to a bigger incident or bad customer experience, they can flag it on the app with simple steps. This allows early identification and corrective actions before major accidents take place. On the Pulse dashboard, the client can gain visibility into performance, operations, quality, and control.

Both the companies will now have more opportunities to connect with new customers and make the most of their shared capabilities.

We are thrilled to confirm a developer who is as passionate at customer experience and brand engagement as we are,Mike Bare, President and Co-Founder of BARE International

"Our exclusive partnership allows BARE to provide a unique opportunity to simplify employee tasks while validating their job is done well.”

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