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Scalable and Mobile Compliant

Pulse is available both on browser and mobile devices making it extremely convenient for you to use. The mobile app allows your employees to conduct inspections efficiently by attaching images and notes with just a few clicks. Pulse is also scalable keeping in view the newly emerging technological advancements.

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360 Degree Compliance Management

Pulse is powerful to take care of all your EHS compliance requirements. The library of checklists on Pulse ensures that your inspections are future-proof and robust, and your employees are safe from accidents. These customizable checklists include various compliance rules and you can choose as per your requirements.

Ease of Reporting

Pulse’s state-of-the-art technology enables you to access insightful reports in real-time. As soon as an inspection is done, Pulse provides you crucial information in the form of a report which you can use to track performance and note patterns to make your EHS management solid.

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Quick Integration

Pulse ensures that you don’t get stuck because of the unease of data transfer and the absence of integration features. We provide easy data transfer from your current software and quick integration with other tools that you use. We make the whole process seamless so that your team can focus on high performance.

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