Google Forms get you data. Pulse ensures fast corrective actions through data insights.

A comprehensive comparison between Google Forms & Pulse so that you can take an informed decision.

Pulse Google Form

No need to start from scratch each time, Pulse has pre-made checklists & forms

Google Forms

  • You have to create surveys and forms each time depending on your unique needs. The templates available are not expert-designed.
  • Questions types are restricted. The option of logical questions is not very advanced.
  • No option to capture multiple images and add a digital signature.
  • No option to scan barcodes.
  • Doesn’t work offline.


  • A pre-made and expert-designed library of over 6,000 checklists allows you and your team to simply select the needed checklists. The smart checklist builder also makes it possible for you to customize checklists or build your own.
  • The checklist builder allows all advanced question types.
  • Multiple images can be added for a single question to add full visual authenticity. The person doing the inspection or filling the form can add their digital signature too.
  • You can scan and upload barcodes of different products and export that data in the form of an excel sheet.
  • Works offline.

“Creating checklists for each task and job was not easy for the team. It was taking a lot of their bandwidth. Pulse has proved to be extremely efficient and useful with their library made with consultations from experts. We found checklists for each use case there. In some cases, we also uploaded our specific checklists on Pulse without any hassle. Customization was smooth too.”

Pre-scheduling of inspections and surveys with Pulse

Google Forms

  • No advanced centralized dashboard for tracking all surveys and forms.
  • No frequent reminders or notifications. Emails can get lost.
  • Scheduling of inspections at various frequencies and locations is not possible.


  • Advanced dashboard to track all your finished and incoming inspections and surveys.
  • Timely and automatic notifications to the person doing the assignment with a deadline through both the Pulse app and Emails.
  • You can pre-schedule inspections and surveys at various frequencies such as ad-hoc, daily, weekly, and monthly at multiple locations.

Manage access and control with Pulse for enhanced security

Google Forms

  • No option to bring your whole team together and assign roles.
  • No control on who can edit, see or assign a task.


  • You can bring your whole team on Pulse in a few simple steps and assign roles.
  • You can set access permissions, manage their profile, and set sharing rules or right within the app.

Pulse is built keeping in mind the safety, health, and compliance goals of businesses

Google Form doesn’t allow your ground workers and employees to report an incident or issue independent of a scheduled inspection. On Pulse, your employees can flag issues as soon as they see them to avoid further mishaps and to take corrective measures without delay. Timely notifications are sent to concerned members for review. All the details with visual evidence can be seen on the dashboard.

“As soon as we moved to Pulse, our workers started showing interest in taking responsibility for flagging issues on time. They became more alert on the ground for any small to the big issue. It was a refreshing change. The easy-to-use interface of Pulse makes it very easy for workers to just take photos and show where the problem is. It’s quite game-changing for an organization like us that prioritizes solving issues on time.”

Pulse provides actionable yet advanced data

Your inspection and survey data is available on Google Form but not an advanced form. On Pulse, your data is insightful and actionable even in real-time. You can analyze it to track the processes from anywhere. You can understand the areas of improvement better with a scoring system for each inspection at all locations and regions. Get access to comprehensive reports on the performance of your employees in your preferred format. Enjoy the flexibility in report sharing.


The human help

The Pulse support team and EHS team are available for you 24*7 to solve your unique queries while Google Forms only has a basic help center.

Discover how Pulse is what your business needs for safety & health

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