Say goodbye to paper. Convert manual checklists into digital ones.

Pulse helps you move from manual inspection to advanced and futuristic inspections quite easily so that you can gain more real-time insights and control

Boost the future of your business by better managing EHS

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Without Pulse

  • Delayed reporting
  • Missed inspections
  • Zero or minimum visual evidence
  • Data silos due to different software and apps
  • Delay in fixing issues

With Pulse

  • Timely Reports
  • Regular and quicker inspections
  • Visual proof with location and time stamps
  • Consistent and synchronized data for all action items across stores
  • Quickly assign corrective measures to concerned teams

Improved productivity. Streamlined data.

Standardized Inspection Process

No more pain of manually preparing paper checklists or managing excel sheets. Use Pulse’s smart checklist builder to create new checklists or convert your existing ones into digital ones through a simple upload. Alternatively, use from our pre-existing library of checklists with a single drag and drop option. You can customize them as per your specific needs.

  • Thought leadership
  • Modernized prospecting
  • Showcasing success
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More Data Security & Easy Access

With the use of Pulse, your team gets fast access to the data related to all your inspections. With end-to-end data safety on Pulse, your data and old inspections’ details are safe, secure, and available on one single dashboard. The saved data helps you track performance and make better decisions in the future.

  • Secure and managed data
  • Easy access for all the stakeholders
  • Better performance tracking & decision making

Enhanced Productivity & Operation Quality

On Pulse, you can schedule an inspection for one day, week, or months for different locations. In comparison to offline audits, your time is optimized in a more efficient way, making you and your team more productive. At the same time, compliance issues are already added to the checklists so the operation quality enhances manifold.

  • No wastage of time and manpower
  • Centralized data for all inspections at different locations
  • Empowered employees
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Effective and Quick Communication

  • Immediate corrective actions for issues
  • Real-time tracking of actions and more transparency
  • Smooth communication among stakeholders

Make problem-solving quick with Pulse

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