Adapting to the norms of Ethical Shopping


The Coronavirus pandemic is an eye-opener for many to make conscious and sustainable decisions. To serve ethical shoppers during these challenging times, businesses are taking up new methods to remain connected with their loyal customers who follow ethical shopping norms. The following are some measures for companies to revamp their strategies and meet the changing consumer patterns: 

Move towards an environmental approach

Youth is the driving force of trends in a market, and they initiated this progressive switch to sustainable solutions. In such a scenario, brands worldwide must reflect on their practices and study their impact on the environment. A few simple examples of adopting eco-friendly alternatives include plastic-free packaging, use of recyclable materials, efficient use of energy or use of renewable energy. 

Transparency is the key

Conscious decisions and transparency of businesses go hand in hand, with the rise of the former, the demand for the latter has increased exponentially. 

While businesses must adapt to sustainable alternatives, they must communicate their impact and practices. Right from procurement of materials to production and distribution, emphasis must be given on each stage that the product goes through. 

Businesses should avoid greenwashing

Many companies have taken the greenwashing approach to make their impression in the eco-friendly market. Greenwashing is a process where companies only market and advertise to showcase their eco-friendly products and gain popularity. Taking advantage of their few eco-friendly products, they communicate useful information to the masses and use the attention to sell all other products that aren’t eco friendly. However, these gimmicks can tarnish the brand image in the long run. With a wealth of information from the internet, consumers today, have more knowledge about products as compared to earlier times. Any false claims or promises are quickly pointed out, especially by the youth who are environmentally mindful and do not encourage greenwashing methods. 


Customer patterns are continuously evolving, and businesses must stay ahead of the curve. With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and several environmental hazards worldwide, a company that is sustainable and offers eco-friendly solutions is much welcomed in the current market. While managing businesses and promptly adapting to greener alternatives may seem taxing, Pulse is an AI-driven application to empower companies in meeting the need of the hour. Its customizable dashboard allows companies to study accurate data and draw calculated decisions.