Avoiding accidents and near misses and ensuring proper incidence management


A mishap in and around an organization can be a major disruption to a consistent working environment and may even interrupt the performance, profitability, and sales of the company. Accidents might be unintentional, but they are not inevitable. Evaluating, analyzing, and accurately mapping the reason for the unfortunate event and strategizing to prevent its recurrence with precision and thoughtfulness can contribute to a well-organized and effective workforce contributing towards the long-term goal of the organization. The COVID and post-
COVID era will seek better security at the workplace, however, it is a complex process to monitor every security breach or a potential breach in person.

The need of the hour is a robust software application, driven by high-end technology and advanced intelligence systems, that can not only impart more safe and secure working conditions but can also provide effective incidence management. Self-auditing and effortless inspection requests can be mastered with a powerful app. Pulse is an app that can prove to be the ultimate savior for the businesses amidst and after the pandemic. It helps to enable safety protocols across various industries, including construction and manufacturing, where Pulse can diminish downtime and defect rates in manufacturing processes, avoid accidents among workers while working with heavy machinery, etc.

Features of Pulse that can align your business with the dynamics of the environment

Incorporation of API

This potent tool will enable you to integrate multiple apps. Pulse can be linked to your functional apps and update the data captured in storage systems like google docs or sheets. Thus, simplifying the process of inspection as the incidence reports can be effectively analyzed through the integrated data without a speck of apprehension about data security, enabling faster action on the issue.

Resolve the issue with relevant action

You may assign and even track the progress of action with Pulse. Once you have all the required data, the next step would be to take proper action and close the case. Convert the issue into action and behold the power of effective teamwork through sensible coordination amongst the employees. It mitigates the communication gap, as the employees can upload photos and add personalized messages for the assigned employee with due date and deadline to take up action.

Inspect through the applicable checklist

Ensure that employees are working towards building a favourable work environment by creating checklist templates or by choosing from innumerable preloaded templates. This feature enables an easy, self-auditing inspection as you observe a tick mark on each accomplished action.

Customize and share detailed reports

With Pulse, you can share highly organized reports that you can customize accordingly. Your time is precious, and hence, the app presents robust features that generate reports instantly saving your time and effort both. An intuitive report encourages an employee for better performance, diminishing the chances of accidents.

Leverage the competence of teamwork

The inspection is automatically activated with Pulse once you schedule the date and time of its commencement. You can create your team and choose the admins with whom you can share the data and reports for further analysis.

Consolidated data for inspection reports

You can get access to the data of all the issues and actions in an integrated and organized manner in a single window of Pulse by which you can identify and mitigate the root cause of that issue diminishing the probability of future incidences.


Holistic information about the issue with proper implementation of action is the key to success that is made effortless with Pulse. Accidents and near misses are both incidences that can be a big hurdle in the journey to reach your organizational goal and may significantly affect its prosperity. Let Pulse handle your inter-organizational challenges while you focus on your core business. The features of the app are intended to provide exceptional customer experience, empowering the employees to work diligently while ensuring effective incidence management.