Adopt the Best iAuditor Alternative for your Retail Business


If you are part of a growing organization in the digital world, you are probably on a constant lookout for modern technologies to ease your job. When it comes to internal audits and inspections, you’ll most likely seek a digital management software that does everything it promises.

Any efficient business is heavily dependent on exhaustive checklists and meticulous follow-ups, but is it worth wasting hours of manual updates? Move away from old-fashioned and time-draining methods of conducting audits. Instead, you can do all the auditing tasks, including reports, standardization of operations, identification of red flags, and the management/avoidance of crises from a phone or laptop.

What is the Best iAuditor Alternative and Why Do You Need One?

The chances are that you’ve probably heard about the iAuditor software. It has emerged as a reliable software and has delivered promises on most counts. However, like every software, iAuditor has its shortcomings. If you are one of those professionals who like to keep up with new trends in the market, read on to know about an effective iAuditor alternative to the.

The iAuditor brought in a digital wave of audit management. It allowed teams to be empowered and the team leader to supervise, manage, collect information, inspect and provide feedback using the same tool. 

For iAuditor users, however, there are certain areas of improvement that show up in customer feedback. iAuditor has bugs that create difficulties for team leaders to supervise the work done by their junior partners. This disconnect could create a gap in evaluation and follow-up practices within a team. Increased inventory management costs, wastage, and poor turn-around management of expired products are a direct result of poor supervision of auditing practices. 

Which Software Can You Explore as an iAuditor Alternative?

If you intend to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the retail industry, a great alternative to the iAuditor is the Pulse.

With Pulse, you can achieve the twin goals of Customer Satisfaction and increased Employee Productivity. If you are managing a retail business, you already know the value of providing a uniform brand experience to all your customers across geographies. You also want your store partners to have a seamless experience that allows them to manage store operations, conduct audits and inspections and manage red flags in real-time.

The Pulse software is unbelievably user-friendly, and this is what makes it amiable to first-time users. You can use ready templates to list your SOPs, schedule inspections, assign actions in real-time, and even analyze data that can lead to action orientation.

Maintaining adequate stock quantities and brand standards is the universal objective of every brand in the retail space. However, the path that you take to meet these objectives can make all the difference. Why choose to complicate your inventory management and workflow processes when well-designed software can be your loyal and efficient assistant?

Pulse is compatible with a wider number of deployment and storage platforms in comparison to the iAuditor. In addition to Cloud, Mac, and Windows Desktop, Android, and Apple Mobile Phones, Pulse is accessible via On-Premise Windows and Linux systems, unlike the iAuditor.

Acing Audits and Inspections in the Retail Industry

The retail industry is governed by rules and regulations that can decide the future of a brand in this business. Legal compliance takes on an important face in the retail industry. You are also responsible for using your allocated financial resources optimally. You don’t want to divert precious funds towards paying off penalties that might come your way due to non-compliance or non-adherence to rules. Let us not forget that your company’s reputation is at stake and audit management is a key component for preserving your company’s goodwill. 

Pulse makes for an excellent iAuditor alternative as it partners you in meeting your end goals of achieving higher accuracy, efficiency, transparency standardization, and better resource utilization. 

Ace your Audit Management with a Simple Software

In a world obsessed with the 4 Ps of Marketing, a new and unwanted P entered our lives in 2020 – The Pandemic! If there is one thing we have learned from the COVID-19, it is – the world is ready for new ways of living, selling, and even retailing. As a result, your responsibility towards ensuring fair pricing, quality management, timely deliveries, responsible advertising, and customer satisfaction is more intense now than ever before. 

The buyer’s last mile has extended from the cash counter at your store and has stretched on to the ‘add to cart’ button on your e-commerce platform. You are in charge of ensuring that your virtual buyer is as delighted as your buyer from a physical store. To achieve this goal, you need sturdy software that shoulders your responsibility of quality, stock, and feedback management. 

Go paperless and save your time with Pulse. It fills the space for the all-in-one app you need to get a better hold of your back-end and front-end operations. Pulse is the iAuditor alternative you are looking for to bring the best audit service for your retail business.

Having said that, integrating new software into your existing business is a big deal. You don’t want to jump right into it without first giving it a try. Thankfully, Pulse has got you covered. Click here to book a free demo.

You can also watch this useful video to understand the benefits of Pulse and get started today.