Looking for a Customer-Centric Option Similar to iAuditor? Here’s What You Need


While auditing, inspection, and safety compliance are necessary, they can be downright tedious, time-consuming, and complicated manually. Therefore, having a simplified, customer-centric inspection system for your team is essential to ensure easygoing and smooth operations in the workplace. 

Pulse is the only iAuditor alternative you need, an excellent digital inspection, auditing, and EHS safety compliance tool that helps digitize your organization’s mission-critical operations. It also helps manage your EHS policies, all the while keeping the runnings of your business smooth, safe, and secure. 

Why Do You Need Pulse as an iAuditor Alternative?

Each organization has a set of guidelines to adhere to for business processes, safety compliance, and inspection. 

For example, logistics, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and construction all have unique sets of auditing, inspection, and management challenges. 

Pulse streamlines these processes, which manually can be strenuous jobs, prone to errors. 

The cloud-based platform eliminates several cumbersome tasks associated with manual auditing and inspection. It establishes a seamless digital inspection system that is highly efficient and easy to use. 

Next, Pulse drives lightning-fast actions for your business in real-time, thanks to the mobile-ready interface and company-wide sync. As a result, employees can take necessary actions faster than ever before.

Pulse’s mobile app operates offline, ensuring that all inspections are streamlined and that the real-time data gathered from them is helpful for future policy. 

The Pulse reports assist firms in empowering staff for thoughtful action planning and a culture of comprehensive safety management. As a result, there are no longer any reputational or operational risks! So isn’tAnalyzePulse an excellent iAuditor alternative? 

What Can You Do With Pulse?

With Pulse, you can execute tasks, reduce risks, meet compliance standards, and accelerate your processes. Not just that, but it’s available as an app on your phone. Here are the methods you can carry out with Pulse: 

  • Conduct Regular Inspections 
  • Log Incidents
  • Generate Real-time Reports
  • Get Automatic Alerts
  • Close Actions
  • Analyze Results
  • Integrate Any Tool 
  • Secure Your Data 

Why is Pulse the Best iAuditor Alternative?

Older tools that have been around for a while are outdated and may be complicated to use, with longer feedback loops. On the other hand, Pulse is simple, safe, secure, and efficient. As a result, a lot of organizations are switching to Pulse as an iAuditor alternative, and here’s why you should too:

1. It’s Simple

Pulse’s tools are easy to set up, simple to use, and modern. Therefore, it only makes sense to use tools that help simplify the digitization process rather than complicate it further. 

2. It’s Quick

Pulse is efficient, making its operations effortless and quick, giving your brand an essential advantage over your competitors for faster safety compliance and another management-related ethos. 

3. It’s User-Friendly 

Its simple processes and modern user interface make it user-friendly, which means – no long time-consuming tutorials! It can be deployed anytime, by anyone, across the board. 

4. It’s Safe 

Pulse has been designed to cater to small and large organizations – no matter how security-sensitive it is. 

5. It Reduces Errors

With a systematic process in place, the scope of errors during operations is drastically reduced, which helps maintain costs and business reputation.

6. Provides Efficient Analytics

One dashboard provides all analytics, which means all your problems and solutions are in one place, making Pulse your one-stop solution for safety and auditing.

7. Customer Value 

Pulse values your feedback and constantly works to make sure you’re happy with the product. Moreover, Pulse has a customer success team to help you get the most of their robust platform.  

8. Dedicated Customer Support

With reliable and dedicated customer support, Pulse is available anytime you need to solve your queries. They are here to make your lives simpler. 

Numbers Speak: Benefits of Pulse

Don’t believe what is said, Pulse has a free-trial mechanism to help you decide for yourself. Numbers speak when it comes to the fact that Pulse is the better iAuditor alternative: 

  • Risks of malfunction in the organization are reduced by 73%.
  • In addition, it saves 9 hours of manual inspection time.
  • It reduces environmental impact by 28%
  • It increases sustainability measures by 33%

Ready to make the switch? Ditch the traditional methods and make the right decisions with the correct data while making your auditing process simple, cost-effective, and highly secure. 

Revolutionize your business compliances and stay consistent with outstanding results. Pulse is the iAuditor alternative that your organization has been missing. So rise to the top, sign up for your free 30 day trial of Pulse today.