Do We really put Safety First?


Safety is the top priority for all of us. Or is it? After a while, when routine sets in and everything is going well, it takes a back seat. We tend to go easy on inspections, protocols, and enforcement. Our behavior becomes the antithesis of our values. It is vital to stay vigilant in the workplace. According to Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong; this is a fact. When safety as a core value is discounted for complacency, accidents happen.

Our penchant for safety can be seen with how we act. Are inspections done? Are the issues discovered dealt with aptly? Are safety measures just swept under the rug? Such questions describe our approach to safety. A company must follow safety protocols dutifully; inspections should be done earnestly and regularly. 

The managers’ approach should be calculated by measures like the number of incidents, lost time rate, etc. These are just statistics, which can be manipulated. A workplace may not experience mishaps in the short term, but the probability of hazards increases when safety protocols are ignored.

Without the maintenance of safety protocols, it’s just a matter of time until something happens. And an incident cannot be reversed; it can be dealt with only. From the loss of lives to public backlash, an incident can result in reputational and commercial damage. 

Prevention is better than the cure, as they say. To create a healthy and safe work environment, you must start from the bottom. From lower-level managers to higher-level managers, everyone should take safety seriously. Higher-level managers must ensure a well thought out policy that doesn’t provide leeway for complacency. And lower-level managers must enforce the policy. A well-executed safety policy gives unparalleled benefits.

Regular inspections highlight any shortcomings and ways to enhance the safety protocol. Especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic, such measures should be the top priority of businesses. 

A behavior-based policy is effective and efficient. These daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities significantly reduce the chances of something unpleasant happening. A complete safety inspection policy is the only thing that can prevent a major incident. To have these policies in place and executed means that we are keeping safety our priority.

A behavior-based policy can be maintained with the help of Pulse. It is an advanced and futuristic audit application specifically designed to facilitate daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. The inspection task can be sent through the app to the concerned person, department, or group. The designated people can then inspect through the app and submit pictures as proof. The inspection reports will be generated automatically, categorized, and analyzed by Pulse. Furthermore, any issues that emerge can be dealt with by creating tasks from the app itself.

To conclude, the pandemic is an eye-opener to the importance of measures, and comprehensive applications like Pulse allow you to ensure its implementation.