Features You Should Look For in an EHS Software


Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) are the key aspects that revolve around your management decisions especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The health of employees has become a crucial factor in organizational success in today’s time. An EHS software has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool considering it automates the inspections process and brings the whole of EHS management online.

An EHS software lets you stay on top of your game by allowing you to manage the health, safety, and security of your workforce easily and by ensuring compliance. It offers digitalization of your inspections, keeps you updated with changing regulations, provides better visibility, eliminates paperwork, and leads to more productivity and growth.

Picking up the right EHS software for your organization can be quite tricky and to put it simply, it is like choosing the right suit. There are numerous options and no obvious best choice. Just like a suit, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to EHS software. However, broadly speaking, you need a management system that is long-lasting, user-friendly, comprehensive, budget-friendly, and futuristic. The software must also align with your working style and be able to cover all your needs.

With all the EHS software options available in the market today and all of them offering a plethora of futuristic features, it is important that you make the right investment to get the most benefits. Figuring out which software is right for you may not come easy, so here are some key features that you should look for when buying EHS software.

1. Scheduling
Always look for scheduling features in the EHS software that allows a pre-scheduled frequency to make your inspections more productive and efficient. This feature ensures a structured and more robust approach to your daily inspections. With the scheduling feature, your software can keep a track of time so that you can focus on other tasks for your business to enhance productivity. 

This feature allows you to add different frequencies to a particular inspection like weekly, monthly, or annually in addition to the basic ‘Adhoc’ option that allows you to conduct only one-time inspections. Advanced software such as Pulse allows you to set frequency as per your needs.  On Pulse, you can assign and track actions in real-time with this feature, saving time and managing workload more efficiently.

2. Automation
All big enterprises are shifting towards automation and digitalization to remain relevant in the industry. Automation can be easily applied when it comes to workplace health and safety or maintaining compliance with policies and regulations. Automation is an ideal solution for simplifying processes and improving productivity by taking over a large chunk of repetitive admin tasks and freeing the employees to handle more complex issues. 

Automation not just saves time, but also improves quality, boosts employee morale, and reduces manual efforts. It leads to an increase in ROI, reduces errors, and ensures better compliance to health and safety standards. EHS software automation should focus on preventive measures by risk profiling using data analysis. EHS software should also automate data sharing as it saves time and speeds up growth. Pulse allows you to automate data sharing. Software that does not offer automation with end-to-end management solutions may not be the right fit for your organization.

3. API Integration
Your business might be using different tools for managing various kinds of organizational processes and that makes it crucial for your EHS software to integrate with other platforms irrespective of whether they are internally designed or commercially acquired. If you wish to develop a hassle-free compliance and audit system, pick an EHS management tool that can be integrated with other solutions and supports hybrid processes. On Pulse software, you can integrate your current software quite easily. You can simply link the software applications you already use and enjoy the power of multiple applications handling your requirements. This feature aids you in understanding your data better and automating your reporting processes. 

4. Pandemic tools
We all are aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected organizations globally. Without a doubt, there is now a need for effective workplace solutions to track the impact of COVID-19 on operations and to protect the health and safety of employees. Many EHS software is now enabled with event tracking and monitoring of geographical hotspots. Others help in providing free business reopening solutions by providing free checklists. On Pulse, you can access free help to reopen your business safely. 

The pandemic tool offers incident tracking, a visualization tool, and real-time data tracking of pandemic footprints in your organization. You can now easily make informed decisions related to :

  • Shutdown
  • Return to work planning
  • COVID-19 compliant checklists
  • Supply chain and operational disruptions
  • Overall risk management and mitigation

5. Multilingual
An organization that has a global reach cannot sustain itself with software that only works in English. Look for an EHS software that comes with a fully integrated multiple language function and offers maximum user engagement.

6. Insightful Reporting
Your EHS software must give you safety reports and charts in multiple and easy-to-access formats. Your software should offer both statistical and graphic charts to make good business decisions. Reporting allows you to understand hidden safety issues, assists in hazard analysis, and highlights key performance indicators.

These insightful reports can also be accessed easily by stakeholders by logging into the software or through emails. The reports created should also be saved for future references, downloaded, or emailed as needed.

On Pulse, reports are insightful and can be accessed in real-time with just one click from anywhere in the world. You can take a free demo today!

Ensuring all these features are available in your EHS software will help you create an empowering workplace that is safe and healthy!