How Can Pulse Help Centralize Your Safety Audit Requirements?


In the current times of continued global uncertainty, the safety of employees and effective risk management remain key factors in any business. Regular safety audits (safety audit requirements) are imperative as findings from the safety audits can be used to set the budgets and improve safety parameters. They also help with equipment bookings.

To maintain efficient and rigorous safety audits, businesses need reliable audit systems in place that can save them from incurring hefty fines, probable closures, insurance liability, and even deaths in business. Businesses need an unfailing and trusted partner to conduct thorough safety audits easily.

Pulse: Weavers of World-Class Inspection Solutions.

Pulse is your perfect solution to ensure a centralized safety audit process. With its wide range of features, Pulse can help reduce employee risk, provide consistency across the entire process, and ensure compliance.

Pulse app is a field inspection app that enables 100% compliance. It is effortless to use and quick to set up. It ensures your inspection process is up and running in no time. Here’s how Pulse can help centralize your safety audit requirements:

Create Digital Safety Inspection Checklists

Pulse is preloaded with a safety and audit checklist that can also be customized according to your business’s needs. Using Pulse’s digital inspection checklists can enable field employees to check in real-time and conduct self-inspections. Their strong image support ensures that there is no gallery upload. This enables employees to upload real-time pictures with map coordinates and a timestamp automatically added by the app. Only the live data is captured and that’s how it becomes easy to track real-time data and refrains an inspector from sending any pseudo images. The images and data from the checklist get uploaded to a central repository.

Provide Access to the Right Stakeholders

Pulse’s rights management system can help you set up data access to managers, top executives, etc. based on their clearance level. Access to data can be given based on geographical areas, designation in the organization, and departments. This ensures that the data remains confidential and reaches the right stakeholders.

Get Rid of Redundant, Time-consuming Data Entry

The tedious process of paper-based inspection takes up employees’ time which can be better used on other tasks. There is also the constant problem of losing forms and overall inconsistency in the data-entry process. Pulse can help digitize the entire process. It can also analyze the data for you to help you better understand the areas that need more attention.

Real-time Updates and Improved Quality Standards

Pulse’s 360-degree visibility ensures that employers have access to the employees’ actions at all times. This real-time access enables businesses to maintain a standard of work across the entire organization. It also ensures that potential safety problems are recognized quickly and rectified as soon as possible. This makes it easier to safeguard employees’ safety.

Collate Vital Information and Identify Patterns

Pulse’s centralized depository collates the data into an advanced analytics dashboard to provide you with an overview of the data. It also analyses the data, creates customized reports, allows you to recognize problems, and take quick actions to resolve them. Having the data readily on hand also allows you to implement any strategy on the ground.

Integrate Data into Business Databases

Data collected on Pulse’s database can be easily integrated into the business’s databases or IT systems. The reports made in the Pulse app can also be integrated into the business’s systems in no time. World-class security protocols followed by them ensure that there are no breaches and your data is always protected.


Using Pulse’s 4- step inspection process ensures that they assist your business right from the start. Their comprehensive reports allow you to take necessary actions to safeguard your employees. They unify all the processes in a single portal so that the collected data is right at your fingertips. So, transform your safety audits with Pulse’s advanced inspection tools. Book a demo today!