How Employees Can Quickly Conduct Audits With Pulse


Be it operating a restaurant, or an automotive facility, or even working with various employees in the manufacturing and logistics industry, there is a wide array of functions as well as duties that the people of the organisation are responsible for in today’s age. The workplace can be extremely busy with all the activities that are required to be carried out, and it is vital for any organisation’s employees to be aware of the safety guidelines along with the laws that have any sort of impact on the company’s activities.

Every country across the globe has a specific Government authority that is dedicatedly overlooking the laws set to govern safety in the workplace. The business owners, along with the employees, are required to report any medical issues to this governing body.

While safety is one part of it, there are various other functions that a company needs to consider when it comes to conducting various daily checks and workplace audits. Workplace audits help in identifying the problems, reporting them to the concerned individual(s), and then finally resolving the existing problems.

How Can Employees Quickly Conduct Audits With Pulse?

The Pulse audit is extremely simple and can be carried out in 4 quick steps by the employees; they are mentioned below:

Step 1: Build Checklist
The employees can go ahead and build their required checklist in a matter of minutes with the Pulse’s intelligent checklist builder.

Step 2: Inspect Action Items
Pulse then collects the data and continuously analyses the action items. This helps in minimising any health hazards, along with providing scalability by discovering any existing problems.

Step 3: Share Performance Reports
After analysing, the performance reports are shared with the management and the employees responsible for the resolution of the existing problems. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the staff and thereby, achieving scalability.

Step 4: Take the Required Actions
The final step includes the necessary actions that are to be taken to resolve any problems that may arise. This helps in providing accountability for the employee(s) responsible.

Why Are Workplace Audits With Pulse Required?

In today’s age, as every function of our life slowly digitalises, it is important for various aspects of a workplace, such as daily checks and audits, which require a lot of manpower, to be digitised too. This ensures smooth identification and resolution of the problems in an organisation. There are numerous features and benefits as to Pulse being the ultimate choice for your audits, some of these features and benefits are:

1. User-Friendly
The Pulse platform is an enjoyable and simple platform, which makes it interesting and easy for all employees to use.

2. Multi-Usage
It can be used for any case just as a blank paper can be used for any purpose.

3. From Identification to Resolution
The problem of the organisation is identified and then assigned to the responsible workforce. There are also steps provided that can help in resolving the problem(s).

4. Elimination of Various Platforms Management
The data combined by Pulse is directly uploaded to the company’s IT system so that they do not have to manage multiple platforms.

5. World-Class Security Protocols
Pulse follows strict security protocols and makes use of cloud storage of those such as Amazon, Google, etc.

6. Library of Checklists
There is a wide variety of checklists available, to even those that have not signed up with Pulse, free of cost.

7. Self Assessment and Staff Discipline
Staff discipline is ensured as the Pulse software only allows real-time pictures, and the employees cannot upload any past dated pictures from their gallery. The timestamp and geographical stamp ensure staff discipline.