How Retail Associations Can Prompt Companies To Ensure Customers’ Safety

How Retail Associations Can Prompt Companies To Ensure Customers' Safety

The Beauty and Salon Industry is heavily affected due to the pandemic and the frequent lockdowns. The COVID-19 scare among people has also led to minimal footfall even post lockdowns in some states. In order to bounce back, the salons have to now adopt the “new normal” and work on improving the safety and hygiene standards in compliance with the protocols. It has become crucial for the salon industry to win the trust of customers and assure them that all the safety measures are being followed. 

Now the question is, how will the salons ensure the customers’ safety in a trustworthy manner? It is indeed a big challenge but with the right practices, it can be achieved. 

Keeping the same in mind, Pulse Inspections found a solution to help salons maintain the best COVID-19 practices on a daily basis and create trust among customers through certification.

We Introduced a feature called “Salon Safety Certificate”. This certification can be used as a tool to add credibility by demonstrating that the salon is meeting the expectations of its customers. 

Salons that are following all safety measures set by BWAI (Beauty and Wellness Association of India) will be certified on the Pulse app and customers can be assured that they are choosing the right option. Salons can promote their safety culture on social media platforms and other marketing channels using the certificate.

How this tool works:

All participating salons will be required to create an account on Pulse. This will make them eligible to receive a certification on the platform itself. On a daily basis during the week i.e. Monday to Sunday, each Salon will be asked to fill a Safety Checklist. 

This checklist is created in collaboration with experts who have been working on COVID-19 safety measures. Salons can edit and customize it further as per their need. 

The checklist will have a combination of Yes/No type questions along with mandatory image questions. It would mean that the auditor while doing the audit or safety check will have to submit visual proofs for those questions. Each of the Yes/No type questions will have a certain weightage.

Eligibility criteria:

During the entire week i.e. Monday to Sunday, all participating salons will be asked to submit one report on a daily basis (i.e A Scheduled Project). 

Each salon will be able to submit a maximum of 7 reports during the week.

All reports will have a grade of PASS or FAIL. If the report scores 90% and above, the grade will show as PASS and if any report scores less than 90%, the grade will show as FAIL 

To be eligible for the certification, each salon will need to submit at least 3 reports with a grade of PASS. To receive a PASS rating, the overall score of the report must be equal or more than 90% 

The validity of the certificates will be one week and the same will be visible on the salon’s Pulse login. 

Certificate View 

This is how the certificate looks like :

*The certificates can be customized as per the client’s requirement

The download option is available both on the Pulse app and web browser so that the salons can show the certificate to their customers on the app, or they can print the certificate and display the same.