How the Right iAuditor Alternative Can Empower Audit & Inspection


As businesses grow, their horizons expand. And with sustained growth, the definitive need for audit and inspection gets cemented to maintain a uniformity of quality standards. 

Today, many businesses use the mobile app called iAuditor in operational management for alerts/notifications, asset tracking, and audit and safety planning. However, it might not be the right choice for you, especially with the recent price hike and the new update. 

Worry not as there are perfect Safety Culture’s iAuditor alternatives that can suit the operations of your business. But before deciding on the right tool, let’s understand all the must-have features to empower your business truly.

Seven Ways the Right iAuditor Alternative Empowers Audit & Inspection Team

Let’s see how the right technology can empower audit inspection and enhance other operations: 

1. Easy API Integration 

An excellent iAuditor alternative facilitates easy API integration in existing software applications. Therefore, the teams can harness the power of multiple applications on the go. Easy API integration creates and automates workflows, triggers actions in external systems, manages your team with single sign-on, and feeds data into your existing tools to save and share results effortlessly.

2. Helps teams build faster checklists

Good iAuditor alternative must have a robust, intelligent checklist builder. This feature helps build compliance checklists at your convenience and publishes them in minutes. It must also provide the option to make these checklists with the pre-built templates, create a customized template from scratch or upload your ready template. Also, it ideally comes with a powerful auto-sync. Thus, it is an efficient, quick, and stable solution for building faster checklists. 

3. Helps save time with its powerful analytics 

The ideal iAuditor alternative must offer a built-in analytics tool that deeply examines graphical representations of the data. You must be able to get access to millions of data points in one spot, all of which have been transformed into intelligible models in the form of statistics and charts for you. 

It should allow the teams to observe trends, identify often failing items, and notice where performance is always at its best. It must assign actionable items to the right teams for faster resolution. 

4. Deeply inspects and provides intelligent, actionable insights

With the best iAuditor alternative, you empower teams to turn every problem into action, resulting in improved cooperation and a more efficient issue resolution process. An iAuditor alternative should continuously collect real-time geolocations, photos, etc., and create AI-powered checklists. These checklists prove a great way to keep an eye on specific actions and improve quality standards. 

5. Shares reports and resolves issues in no time 

An ideal iAuditor alternative streamlines the reporting process further by automatically generating and sharing reports per your requirements. It further empowers the teams to be more proactive in converting issues into actions with a single click and updating status across the board. This motivates the team members to close on the corrective measures by assigning and delegating tasks. 

6. Provides a seamless platform connectivity 

The perfect iAuditor alternative must be a simple management system and empower the teams to collaborate more efficiently as it takes care of your internal and external processes. In addition, it must help the teams to manage workflows better by automating the inspections. 

7. Provides the best customer support 

No matter how excellent the experience is, without robust support from the maker, it will be incomplete. The best iAuditor alternative empowers clients’ audit and inspection teams by always discussing the objectives and providing an in-depth training session to enter checklists and audits. In addition, the right iAuditor alternative platform should focus on guiding the best setup for the client teams to be successful.

Why is Pulse the right iAuditor Alternative?

Businesses vary in nature, and so do their needs. Whether it’s regarding the tool’s ease of use, its affordability, user reviews, or value for your money, Pulse can be an excellent iAuditor alternative in every way mentioned before, plus more. 

It’s not just our claims. Pulse is a simple 360° Inspection and Compliance tool that uses AI automation and limitless integrations to provide world-class safety service. Moreover, Pulse:

  • Can be seamlessly integrated with your existing software
  • Provides faster and better support for all the clients 
  • Acts as a one-stop solution for all audit and inspection woes
  • Provides enough flexibility to customize the services offered as per the needs
  • Designed to support big and small, mission-critical organizations
  • Mobile ready; built for native-app experience
  • Expedites the process by offering an AI-powered checklist

In addition, it caters to all business models, irrespective of the size, and focuses on offering flexibility and personalized customer service. 

Embrace Next Level Convenience and Security with Pulse 

Safety today is no more just a box-checking exercise. Instead, it is becoming a significant concern with companies re-evaluating their operations time and again. Hence, comes the need for leveling up the audit and inspection game too. 

Pulse has revolutionized the auditing and inspection processes.  As an iAuditor alternative, Pulse auditing and inspection remove the need for on-site paperwork as it makes documentation, team management, and checklists available through the app. It is known for digitizing everyday operations and EHS inspection and is a great management tool. 

Are you ready to empower your teams with an improved and focused EHS platform? Experience the simplicity in conducting audits and inspections with the right iAuditor Alternative starting today. Register now to get a free trial.