How to Choose the Right EHS Software Pricing Plan


As the world goes digital, and so do all your business practices, organizations manually track tasks and create checklists. Now, there’s a mobile app to do it for them. Therefore, it’s a given that software tools are far more superior to logging incidents and tasks on an excel sheet than doing so manually. 

But unfortunately, budgets are tightening, which could compromise your business ethics and practices. Hence, choosing the right EHS software pricing plan is imperative to ensure your smooth business operations while avoiding compromising the environment, materials, and, most importantly – your employees’ safety. 

Picking the right EHS software pricing plan can be the difference between a successful business that maintains CSR measures and one that jeopardizes its reputation by not doing so. 

Things to Look For Before Picking the Perfect EHS Software

Before you set out to pick the perfect pricing plan for your EHS software, you must ensure that it takes care of the following key features:

  • Inspections and audits – Do your EHS software make conducting audits an easier task than manually doing so? And if yes, does it track the data in a structured manner that’s easy to evaluate? 
  • Taking preventive measures – the software should assign corrective measures to the designated employees after conducting inspections. You must ensure the software gives the correct task to the right employee on time. 
  • Incident Management – your EHS software must enable you to solve and manage incidents instantly. For example, an incident such as a website malfunction might result in loss of sales and customers, therefore managing the incident efficiently and effectively is vital.
  • Safety compliance and recordkeeping – does your EHS software store and record essential data while fulfilling safety compliance standards? 

While all the above factors are vital, one factor that trumps all is following safety compliance protocols. There are numerous factors to consider to ensure your employees’ safety, and you must ensure no step is missed, for certain situations can be hazardous or even life-threatening, especially in a fragile work environment such as the construction industry

Additionally, focusing on employee health and safety is necessary for any business to uphold ethical business practices. So a perfect EHS software like Pulse helps you carry out your business operations smoothly and efficiently. 

Five Factors to Consider While Picking Your EHS Software Pricing Plan 

Nowadays, there is plenty of EHS software that solves numerous purposes. However, the question remains – how do you pick the right EHS software pricing plan? 

The pricing plan is dependent on numerous variables such as the size of the business, its preferences, and of course, the requirements it has according to its business practices. 

So below, we’re covering the five factors to consider while picking out your available EHS software plan that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s break it down for you: 

1. Number of user licenses 

Most EHS software functions are based on a per-user license. These plans enable organizations to optimize their licensing costs according to their budget and size while also gathering real-time usage data. 

Pulse is a flexible EHS software that allows you to upgrade and even downgrade your plans according to the size of your business. So whether you’re constantly scaling, you need not worry about moving on to a new product. 

2. Feature-rich modules 

Your EHS software must consist of specific features that solve critical needs. While most software is standalone and only fulfills one particular purpose (e.g., Incident Management software), you need an integrated EHS software that provides solutions to all critical areas. This means less cost, more functionality, and smooth and safe business practices. 

3. User-friendly interface 

Having EHS software that isn’t user-friendly can waste money and effort. In a crisis, all employees must know how to operate the EHS software, so keep in mind to get one that comes with no complications. 

Investing in training for your software can be steep on the bills and even a waste of time when you have software like Pulse that’s easy to use and understand. 

4. Hosting plan 

Your EHS data should be easily accessible by all employees at the needed time. You can pick between the following two plans:

  • Cloud-based EHS software is ideal for smaller businesses seeking easier accessibility while not in need of many customization options.
  • On-premise deployment EHS software – this type of software is ideal for large-scale businesses because it provides customized plans for security practices and data transactions. 

5. Customization options 

Customizing your software provides more straightforward solutions that are more efficient and high on functionality. Therefore, it’s vital to have software easily configured to solve specific needs according to priority. This helps in reducing risks while streamlining your processes. 

Follow the above factors, and you’re good to go. But, first, pick out the perfect EHS software pricing plan that’s tailored to suit your business needs. And when choosing the right EHS software, it goes without saying that Pulse is the software you need. 

Pulse has it all, from auditing to safety compliance to incident management to digital checklists. Streamline your business processes and ensure no bullet is dodged. Pulse is the EHS software you need to upgrade and automate your business.