How to ensure Effective Communication in Construction with Pulse


Communication forms an integral part in the working of any business or organization. It is a two-way process, where the sender transmits the message, idea, or emotion in the verbal or non-verbal form to the receiver, after which the receiver decodes it and sends the reaction. Communication is also necessary for effective decision-making, as well as maintaining cordial relations among various departments, employees, and managers.

With the growth of Information Technology, telecommunication, competition, and productivity, the importance of communication has increased manifold, irrespective of the organization’s size. Communication is considered essential in the construction industry because it involves the efficient transmission of large amounts of information to meet the competitive market and industry demands.

To achieve the objectives of the construction project, effective communication among employees, clients, and contractors is necessary. Communication becomes even more important in the construction industry, because it involves the health and safety of the staff. Problems and delays occur when there is a lack of proper communication, which ultimately affects the whole project. Poor or inefficient communication can lead to mishaps or potentially dangerous consequences.

Importance or Need for Communication in Construction

  • Studies show that a lack of proper communication in terms of feedback on performance in the construction industry leads to much bigger issues. Constructive feedback motivates employees and pushes them to do their jobs well..
  • Through proper communication, employee’s suggestions, issues and questions regarding safety measures, travel time, working conditions, and irrational deadlines can be considered,  as the construction industry needs to focus on these issues more than any other industry.
  • Through efficient communication, the work environment and culture of the construction organizations can be improved.
  • By keeping the suggestions and feedback in mind, more realistic targets are set. Employees are not needlessly worried about their health and safety, which further leads to increased job satisfaction.
  • In the construction industry, communication is  important as it results in the completion of work on time, as well as meeting the demands of the highly  competitive market. 

How Pulse Helps organizations in Building Good Communication

Communication is essential for any organization, especially Construction. Effective communication ensures better coordination, productivity and enhanced teamwork. Here are some of the tools for effective communication, and how Pulse can help in building those: 

Proper chain of command:- Construction industries need to have a proper chain of command, as a lot of people are involved in the project, from the contractor, to the clients, to architects and employees. With a proper chain of command, organizations can ensure that information is reaching the right person at the right time. With Pulse, organizations can easily generate their reports and share it with whomever it concerns.

Encouraging feedback: – Organizations should encourage employee’s feedback and suggestions to ensure smooth working. It also helps in identifying issues quickly, so that necessary actions are taken at the earliest. This way, the employees feel that they are an important part of the organization. For example, with a 360-degree view, employers can access employees’ actions all the time.

Transparency:- One of the important tools for effective communication is transparency. Through this, organizations can build trust between the employer and the employees. To ensure proper transparency, organizations can take the help of Pulse, through which employers can directly contact the employees and resolve the issues at the earliest.

Clear and precise communication:- To ensure effective communication, it has to be clear and precise. Good communication means saying the exact words without exaggerating or using unnecessary jargon, which is essential in the construction industry.

Encourage regular communication:- Organizations must encourage employees to communicate with one another, and  with their employers, especially in the construction industry, as this  promotes productivity and helps create a safer work environment. With Pulse, organizations can easily do that. 

Pulse, ensuring effective communication 

With Pulse, organizations can manage transparency, ensure a proper chain of command, spot issues swiftly, and take necessary actions. Through this, employees’ requests and feedback are considered. As the organization grows, effective and proper communication becomes necessary. Construction is one such industry, where the lack of proper communication may delay the projects or, in some cases, can even lead to fatal mishaps. It is a key element for ensuring the project’s success. Keeping in mind the tools, organizations can ensure effective communication and achieve its goals and targets.