How To Take An Instant Action To A Glaring Problem At Scale With Pulse

Instant Action Problem

Murphy’s law is an adage that says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. When a company is operating at a large scale, the possibility of something going wrong increases. Which is why, companies should never shy away from taking safety measures since they would be the first thing you will check if something goes wrong. The security of your people, the safety of your investment, and the safety of what you’ve built are vital.

At Pulse, we are here to help you with glaring problems that can result in disastrous consequences if they are not addressed. Let’s have a look at how Pulse helps you to take an instant action to a glaring problem at scale.

Problem Solving with Pulse

1. A work culture that prioritises safety

It is essential to have a philosophy in the workplace where safety is prioritised. You are the one who will be accountable for keeping everyone safe. Workplace safety is a result of collective efforts, a single person or entity is not responsible for it. With Pulse, you can employ high-tech solutions to have a safer work environment.

2. Build checklists for effective inspections

With Pulse, you can create various checklists for your workers. Create your customized checklists. Just think about routine inspections and safety measures that have to be performed. Pulse also has thousands of pre-made checklists for different industries and requirements to save your time. Assign it to the workers who are responsible for taking care of the security. Add a deadline and ask for a picture as proof that the task was done. Do it easily with Pulse.

3. Get analysis quickly

Pulse will generate an advanced analytic dashboard so that you can follow the performances of your employees—share reports to employees who make errors so that they can work on it and resolve the issue. Analyse the reports to be aware of systemic problems and root them out.

4. Take action before a problem arises

Small, regular, and adequate inspections and audits ensure that a problem doesn’t even come up in the first place. Take pre-emptive actions to inhibit the possibility of something going wrong. You can facilitate effective and efficient inspections and audits so that a glaring problem doesn’t even arise. When workers are completing checklists regularly, the probability of something disastrous occurring minimises. Small lapses of safety that happen without effective checklists will vanish, resulting in a much safer work environment.

5. Convert Issues into actions

Whenever a problem arises, assign the handling of the problem to a person or a group. You will be able to keep track of the problem with Pulse. When the issue is resolved, make a checklist with the routine inspection so that the particular problem doesn’t occur again. All the completed investigations are transformed into extensive reports that you can customise to your requirements.

6. Use Pulse to manage effectively

As an admin, you have a slew of tools in your hands to manage effectively. You can decide who is going to perform the task assigning it by function, group, department, and location. This is especially effective for larger organisations. As an admin, you have advanced tools with Pulse to manage according to the needs of your organisation.

7. Keep everything organised without paper

In big organisations, there is a lot of paperwork involved. When there is a lot of paperwork required, the chances of some essential documents going missing increases. With Pulse, all the information will be available to you on your fingertips. Not only that, but our advanced technology also provides you with insights into your organisation and the performance of your employees. Pulse is competent, efficient, seamless, and paperless software.

Hop on to Pulse, prevent glaring problems from arising in the first place, and tackle them effectively if they arise.