How Travel Companies Can Enhance Their Tourism Packages to Ensure Correct Safety Measures


Often there are several things to consider while ensuring correct safety measures in tourism packages. Travel companies and corporate travel managers are often posed with the question as to how they can ensure and enhance the safety of their travellers. And more often than not, there are several processes which have to be carried out perfectly.

Although there are numerous firms in the market, which offer means to ensure correct safety measures of tourism packages, very few of them can understand your needs. Pulse, is one such platform that understands your needs and requirements, and based on this offers varied solutions. Maintaining comprehensive checklists via Pulse for essential procedures or policies helps immensely in enhancing the travel packages. An organised structure will help travel companies to enhance their tourism packages to ensure correct safety measures.

A recent survey, including 400+ buyers and corporate travel managers, suggested that approximately 75% of the travel managers have still not achieved their desired level of policy compliance for travel to ensure the safety of travellers. Compliance has risen to become a key factor for ensuring the safety of travellers as well as modest savings on the part of the companies. It has, hence, become crucial to adopt strategies that enhance the adherence to standardisation procedures.

A travel policy or standardised process can take in various forms as per the people who are managing or overseeing their compliance. Travel companies often fail to provide comprehensive packages, when employees do not adhere to the policies, book travel via the designated channel, attach restaurants or hotels to the travel mode chosen, carry out the requirement to book travel well in advance of the planned journey date, among others.

Such deviations from the guidelines laid down can cause damage to their potential savings. Following a standardised process and employing the use of checklists offered by Pulse for the same is highly essential because it allows travel companies to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Having comprehensive checklists in place also assists companies to have control over the travel safety and experience of customers or employees. Thus, Pulse checklists can enhance travel packages by a huge magnitude, and at the same time, streamline essential processes.

Ways to Ensure Compliance of Travel Policy

The below-mentioned recommendations can assist both travel managers as well as individuals who deal with travel expense reporting frequently. Here are a few suggestions to ensure compliance with travel policy with the help of the Pulse platform:

  • Focus on employee satisfaction – Travel companies can improvise the travel and booking experience for both customers and employees to ensure compliance with the travel policy.
  • Provide room for creativity – Travel companies can involve employees in the formation of a travel policy, and ask them to come up with creative ideas. This can be achieved by availing the services of an external vendor as well, if need be.
  • Inform employees – Employees should be informed that following the checklists in the policy is a duty of care to protect the employees and customers from any harm or mishappening while travelling.
  • Ensure that the standardised processes are up-to-date, clear, and accessible – One way to achieve this is via proper communication. Communication can help a lot in making the travel procedures available, which is mostly possible when employees are provided regular education on a standardised process.
  • Utilize appropriate technologies – Using the necessary technology such as checklists to ensure perfect adherence to standardised processes or policies, can assist a company in ensuring safety and increase their savings.

One of the most important aspects to remember for any travel company is to tweak their approach to their company’s culture. Creative ideas that can be incorporated can work differently for different organisations. For instance, a small change in the usage of terminologies might work well in a laid-back organisation. In contrast, a large organisation will be benefited by a full dashboard depicting the positive and negative data regarding department compliance. Irrespective of the company’s culture, Pulse assists in garnering a focused approach towards the standardisation of processes via checklists and their adherence. Pulse thus assists travel companies in keeping customers and employees safe, and at the same time save on costs.