How Visualizing Data Can Transform Health And Safety Procedures


COVID-19 had caught companies and industries unprepared, leading them to shut down their operations. Lockdown was the only hope to prevent the health and safety of people. However, as the lockdown has started to ease, and most businesses have begun to start their operations, a major challenge ahead of them is to gain consumer confidence in context to safety.

A customer’s health, safety, and trust will be at the vanguard for any enterprise before reconsidering their plan to re-open. There is no choice but to empathize with your customers’ inhibitions and how they feel about your re-opening of your business and the new approaches you would adopt to perform business activities.

With a vaccine yet to be invented to cure this health crisis, many consumers will undeniably be anxious to avail of your services during re-opening. Hence, it is imperative for business owners and leaders to treat consumer confidence and trust with the utmost priority.

According to a study, “Running the show post-COVID-19,” that interviewed over 1500  people, 39.75 percent of people said they would spend less on retail and leisure as they used to. However, 26 percent of the surveyed people also shared that they are willing to pay an additional amount for their “safety” in the subsequent months. It was evident from the study that most consumers will not be willing to step out and make in-person visits. However, whenever they plan, they will either be a customer who is ready to acquire or ready to exit, given the safety standards and precautions the business adopts.

Why is data important?

Given the changing consumer behavior, the “stakes per walk-in customer” would be critically high. So how do you make sure your consumer comes back to you?

The sophisticated and up to the minute data capture and analysis tools can prove to be a significant answer to this challenge. From tracking whether employees are adopting the highest safety standards to maintain compliance within other conveniences, these technologies can offer real-time intelligence to ensure whether the standards and procedures are unfailingly met.

Winning consumers confidence with data visualization

Efficient and meaningful data analysis is at the core of gauging consumer confidence and behavior. However, data cannot offer corrective measures until it is visualized. Data visualization offers suggestions, corrective measures, and key takeaways by identifying trends and making data analysis more efficient.

Technology today offers dashboards that can noticeably improve the efficacy of your new health and safety measures and protocols. With data visualization, your employees can track safety practices, adhere to compliance, and any accidents. This information is further displayed on screens in the forms of charts providing real-time feedback on your new approaches to conducting business, compliant to the latest standards of health and safety standards.

These dashboards can present data such as:

  • Adherence to sanitization compliance and procedures
  • Monitoring the sanitization and precautionary measures adopted by the employees
  • Tracking the precautions adopted by the employees before getting in touch with a customer

Data visualization can further give you information like which locations or employees need their ways of working to be rectified according to the set safety protocols, which locations are less compliant to the safety protocols, and what your current level of risk looks like. At the macro level, these scores illuminate trends across geographical regions and big-picture issues over time.

The world of work has changed. The crisis has forced businesses to remodel their ways of operations and has accelerated the adoption of technology. Digital customer experience, online ordering, delivery, online customer grievance models, etc. have been deployed by most organizations.

Turning one’s hand over to these new ways of working demands technology to ensure you do not take risks with your consumers’ safety. Winning their trust is key to put your business back on track.

Pulse, is a one-stop solution to get hold of your consumer sentiments and win their trust. To know more about how a dashboard can ensure compliance and infuse confidence in your customers, reach out to us now.