Is Your Software Providing You Data Exports in Relevant And Right Format?

Is Your Software Providing You Data Exports in Relevant And Right Format

The software that we use for different purposes these days have company data like sales data, pipeline data, and compliance scores of team members’ against SOPs or KPIs. Most times we need to download this data in a format that we can easily do analysis on it. 

If we do not get this data in the right format (e.g. MS Excel) directly from the software, we might need to do manual data entry first and then run our required analysis. Another way could be to use another software to convert this data in the right or required format and then work on it further. This complicates the whole process of analysis by adding one more step to it and wastes a lot of time as well. 

The management can miss out on important insights to take appropriate action if the precise analysis of data is not done at the right time. For instance, in the case of an EHS or safety management software, without timely data, positive actions can’t be taken on time, and reported issues can become bigger. Similarly, safety policies too can’t be framed without studying data on time. 

So, we should choose our software in a way that the right kind of excel export is provided. In addition to this, these excel exports should be available real-time for consumption which means we don’t have to email or ask our software support person (CSM – Customer Success Manager) to provide it to us every time we need it. In large organizations, manually asking for data on mails can create a lot of mismanagement and delayed operations. 

Pulse digitized platform for conducting inspections on a company’s internal processes by its own staff solved all the problems related to data exports.

  1. Pulse provides almost all the necessary data exports in clear excel formats.
  2. Exports are available in real-time and can be downloaded from the front end or the client’s login. One does not have to make a request to the support person provided. 
  3. Customization in your relevant data exports can be provided by Pulse for e.g. If you want to add a column/row for one more data point.
  4. Filters for date selection, city, state, checklist, etc. can be applied to download the exact data you need.

In addition to this, Pulse also provides additional support to clients by making any kind of customized data exports/excels available to them.

For example,  

  1. For one of our clients, at each location, four inspections were conducted in a month and they wanted an excel containing, a) Location-wise summarized performance (average score of all 4 inspections at a location) b) Zone-wise summarized performance
  2. Another client was looking for an excel with an auto-calculated average score of the bottom 4 inspections at a location. (frequency of inspections at each location in a month is 6 for them)
  3. One of them wanted to auto-generate an excel/export where scores for 3-4 types of checklists could be combined for a location.
  4. Another requirement was that every consecutive non-compliance on a question should get a deduction of double the score every time it happens.

All these customized excels/exports were easily downloadable from their Pulse login with a click and the users didn’t need to call/email any support team member.