Top 6 Features to Look For in an iAuditor Alternative


As someone looking to conduct a safety audit of your organization, the critical precursor decision you need to make is choosing the proper audit tools. The reason is simple. An audit of a process as essential as the Environment, Health, and Safety Management (EHS) should be done with utmost diligence and precision. We are listing a checklist to compare iAuditor alternative software. 

The suitable audit methods and tools can reduce the time and effort and end up generating monetary savings. Therefore, during the last couple of years, rather than opting for the traditional ways of safety audits and inspections, organizations have been veering towards alternatives that are more technologically advanced and data-driven – such as iAuditor.

The iAuditor is an inspection app that helps monitor the health and safety standards in an organization. However, as the well-known saying goes, “One size does not fit all.” 

Every business is unique, and every sector is different – be it Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, or Hospitality. Hence, in this regard, the tool might be too complicated for some and might not be the appropriate platform for others. Hence, more and more organizations are keen on getting on board a suitable iAuditor alternative.

Important Features to look for in an iAuditor Alternative – The 6S Checklist

An ideal audit and inspection tool ticks the three main boxes – the 3 S, Simple, Smart, and Supportive. However, organizations should consider additional features other than these essential factors while looking for an iAuditor alternative. We believe, in essence, six main features will give your organization the best iAuditor alternative; what we like to call – the formula of the 6S. Here’s what they mean:

1. Simple Usage 

An ideal audit tool that everyone, right from top-tier management to blue-collar employees, is comfortable using. Apart from being built using powerful technology, the audit tool should have a simple, user-friendly interface that provides clear action steps. If the application is difficult to use, it discourages users from operating it – thereby reducing the overall effectiveness of the audit.

Therefore, the most basic check while thinking of an iAuditor alternative is to ensure that it is as effortless to use as possible. 

One of the main concerns with the iAuditor is that the platform is slightly complicated to navigate, making it daunting for the employees. Hence, features such as ‘one-dashboard for all actions’ in the ideal iAuditor alternative offer a one-stop solution, less room for errors, and a 360-degree view of the process.

2. Smart and Real-time

When we expect an application to perform a task such as an audit that hitherto depended heavily on human attributes such as ‘judgment,’ ‘analytical approach,’ and ‘decision-making,’ the application should be embedded with the best Artificial Intelligence.

The ideal iAuditor Alternative should be backed by a powerful and smart analytics engine. Moreover, the application should be able to provide and process real-time information. Therefore, an audit tool that helps monitor ongoing projects, track their status, and provide reports in real-time provides maximum benefit to the users.

Ultimately, the outcome of these innovative audit tools should be such that they aid immediate action.

3. Supportive

The use of a technologically-backed audit tool for EHS inspection and management is still quite a new concept. As a result, users have plenty of queries and concerns, not to mention feedback. Therefore, while looking for an iAuditor alternative, organizations should ensure that the platform offers a supportive channel and forum to answer questions, provide solutions, and address issues.

The iAuditor alternative should have a comprehensive knowledge base that can address any and every query of the users. Also, having a 24*7 support team provides users with the initial hand-holding assurance required. 

4. Speed of Operation

The world is operating at breakneck speed and everyone wants things done yesterday. This is why, if your organization is to stay ahead in the game, you should invest in an audit tool that provides functions with speed and provides quick results.

Some of the issues with the iAuditor are the speed of operation – especially for loading of reports, offline use, etc. Therefore, when deciding on an iAuditor alternative, performance speed should be one of the main checkpoints. In addition, pre-built checklist templates, intuitive checklist builders, and fast report generation help increase the overall rate of the audit process.

5. Smooth Set-Up

The ideal iAuditor alternative should be able to offer a glitch-free and fast set-up. Multistep, complicated, and time-consuming onboarding procedures demotivate users from the word go.

A platform that promises a smooth and easy set-up, immediate assignment of tasks, and prompt reporting ensures more users feel comfortable using it, especially when it does not require long tutorials or tedious training sessions.

6. Seamless Synchronization

Ensure that the iAuditor alternative has seamless API Integration. Your existing software systems should be comfortably integrated with the audit and inspection tool. This guarantees that all the processes remain synchronized and also avoids duplication of data collection efforts. 

Moreover, integration with an additional analytical tool can help augment the audit’s outcome, driving better decisions and actions.

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