What Makes a Handy EHS Software for Your Construction Site?


Managing everything from physical safety, production planning, and equipment functioning on construction sites could be daunting. Concerns about environmental safety typically arise during operations at these high-risk locations, and these issues demand prompt solutions.

Construction organizations, therefore, use EHS software to mitigate and environmental risks for workers working at a construction site, following all OSHA safety laws and recommendations.

A handy EHS software helps keep the construction site running optimally without risks. Therefore, choosing the right EHS software for your building site is critical for employers’ safety and legal safety compliance. It also aids in online problem-solving and overall workplace betterment.

This article will guide you for factors that make a handy EHS software. 

Six Must-Have Features to look for in a Construction EHS Software

If you are looking to make your construction safe, look for these must-have features in the EHS software:

1. Acts as a flawless project management tool

Sign up for an EHS management tool that helps you manage your projects effectively. Check for a tool that will help you enter data, material costs, and labor activities into a fully searchable database. The software should help you find on-site issues quickly and address your workers’ needs faster.

2. Easy to track incidents

According to construction safety data, many job injuries go unreported every year. In case of injuries or accidents, the construction company needs to know about it right away.  

For instance, if a worker gets hurt at the construction site, it’s good to have a system that can send real-time notifications to inform the manager so that quick action is taken.

3. Compatible with devices

Your EHS software should be compatible with every device: Android, iOS, or Desktop. This feature avoids paperwork and lets workers take notes or report issues on the move with their mobile devices in the field. 

4. Simple-to-use documents

It’s necessary to have a reliable document management system for EHS software. Safety regulations need a large amount of documentation, so it’s helpful to have EHS software that can generate records and store them for you in one central repository. 

5. Helps you in the audit and inspection process

An audit trail helps you record what happened in an organization. It informs auditors that you took care of things and ensured that everything was safe.

It’s hard to find information in a big pile of paper records or spreadsheets. That’s why it’s essential to have a tool that makes it easier to access the information and ease your site’s audit and inspection process.

6. Helps you meet quality standards

A handy EHS software with checklist templates will reduce manual tasks and maintain quality standards. Look for tools that provide you the option of creating your templates if none of the formats fits your requirements.

Checklists make sure that the quality of your product is good and there are no defects. It will alert you if there is a problem with your product. This way, you can fix the issue proactively and save your company time and money.

The Benefits of Integrating with EHS Software

A construction EHS software can bring about many benefits for any size of a construction firm. EHS software has helped many construction sites in the following ways:

1. Part of various construction stages

Whether it’s construction planning, employee management, or accessing audit reports, EHS software is helpful in all stages. All you have to do is enter the required information in a specified format to get started.

2. Saves money

The software helps you stay updated with the regulations, and this way, business is less likely to face penalties or other legal implications.

3. Streamline your processes wherever and whenever you need to!

The tool provides a consistent and accurate database of accessible online and offline information. As a result, you don’t have to visit your office every time, and you can manage incidents just through your mobile.

4. Saves time and effort

Manually tracking employees at the construction site, where they are, and when they need to be there is hard. EHS software helps manage the workforce and allows builders to track their employees’ whereabouts. In addition, the ‘Assign and Track Actions’ feature improves the overall communication between the project.

Why Pulse?

Pulse is an AI-based audit and inspection tool that helps you achieve your construction project goals faster. It gives you relevant insights and helps improve safety, quality, and environmental performance. 

You can now monitor your construction sites using smart digitized checklists that ensure all safety and quality standards are met. With Pulse’s customizable checklist templates, you can easily keep track of the project’s workflow in numerous ways.

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