How To Gain Back Employee Trust By Implementing Safety Measures

Implementing Safety

Working in a safe office environment can be a massive confidence booster for the employees. Employers can generate a lot of goodwill and trust among their employees by setting examples in office safety measures.

As employers are gradually returning to business after the pandemic, employees need to feel assured that the place where they spend a third of their workday is safe. Therefore, employers need to be particularly conscious about raising employee morale and trust through sound safety practices.

Six Ways to gain employee trust

1. Technologically updated

Office safety has to be upgraded by putting the latest safety technology in place. Use of advanced machines and robotics cancel out occupational hazards in places like factories and stockyards. Even in a regular office environment, the latest technology can enhance employee safety.

For instance, hand sanitizer bottles may have already been in place in most offices. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, offices may now need a disinfectant tunnel in the area as well.

Similarly, organizations need to upgrade their safety and security preparedness. Use of state-of-the-art safety audit applications like Pulse further enhances the employer’s safety and process readiness.

2. Workplace access

Employees feel safe when they know that no one can intrude their office space. Installing identification devices at office entry points and among departments enhance the security and safety of the office as well as the employees.

In an era of social distancing, these measures can help organizations to keep track of people entering the premises and ensure robust contact tracing if required.

3. Government compliance

Complying government safety and security regulations is an essential requirement. Anywhere in the world, the government requires safety, health and workplace environment guidelines to be followed in office and factory premises.

The respective labour and employment ministries define the guidelines applicable in this regard. Knowing that their employer is up to date with the latest workplace guidelines is reassuring for the employees.

4. Open communication

Offices can gain employee trust by being more interactive with their employees when it comes to safety and security. Accepting employee feedback, regular training, recognizing employees for following safety practices can go a long way in boosting employee morale.

If new safety measures are implemented, the need for the same should be communicated to the employees. With timely employee buy-in, it is easier to implement new measures more effectively.

5. Safety training and awareness

Informative emails, posters and sessions indicate that the employer is serious about employee safety. Conducting safety training, regular fire drills and mock evacuations keep the employee updated on safety guidelines and requirements.

Organizations can develop their safety training curriculum or hire professional safety trainers to improve awareness among employees.

6. Well-drilled safety inspection

Safety audits are a standard practice among organizations to keep their safety-complaint.

As mentioned earlier, Pulse is a cutting-edge application that enables organizations to build a complete safety ecosystem in their workplaces. With their pre-loaded as well as tailor-made safety checklists, companies can quickly check their safety compliance against expected benchmarks. Apart from the process and operational checklists, Pulse provides a complete safety management tool. Companies can test their safety compliance, identify issues, assign resolution responsibilities, and follow-up on the actions taken.

The success of implementing an app like Pulse is not limited to safety only. Its audit overview extends to core business processes where it increases the process adherence and compliance seamlessly. In a world shaken by the fear of a virus, it is essential that the employees feel safe in their workplace. Through prudent safety measures implemented with the help of cutting-edge technology, a company can instil this sense of safety among its employees.