How to Use Observation Checklist Apps to Ensure OSHA Compliance


It’s a common saying that “accidents happen,” but if you’re an employer, you will do everything possible to prevent them from occurring at your site. 

But are your employees really safe from unsafe conditions? The best way to be sure of it is by inspecting your site regularly and making sure you have a record of all your inspections. 

Also, when operating a business, you must comply with all the regulating bodies in your jurisdiction. And one such compliance in the US is OSHA regulations. 

But, with the overheads of running a business, it could be tough to ensure OSHA compliance. However, using an observation checklist can help you gain control of your worksite and stay on top of your game. 

The blog will guide you on OSHA compliance requirements and how to use observation check apps while ensuring OSHA compliance.

What is OSHA Compliance, and What Steps Do You Need to Follow?

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a set of rules that are put in place to make sure that companies are running their businesses in a safe way for their employees.

OSHA is about making your business safe for workers. When you are OSHA compliant, you tell your employees that you care about them and want them to stay safe. 

OSHA has instituted a few processes that employers need to follow. For instance, OSHA requires employers to:

  1. Identify, assess, and control or eliminate workplace health and safety hazards.
  2. To keep employees safe, employers should make sure they know about any safety concerns in the workplace. If they know about it, they can deal with any potential dangers before getting worse.
  3. Provide employees with the tools they need to do their jobs correctly and safely. 
  4. Equip employees with practical knowledge, skills, and resources.

OSHA compliance could be challenging and impossible to manage when done manually. This is why organizations are moving to adopt an observation checklist. It makes paperwork handling easy and navigating regulations successful.

How Can Observation Checklist Apps Help You Stay OSHA Compliant?

Here’re some tried and tested ways observational checklist apps can ensure OSHA compliance:

1. Eases the inspection process

A construction site inspection is more than just looking over the worksite and declaring it good or bad! 

There are critical standards that site inspectors must typically look at when inspecting a construction site. 

These standards include everything from the height of the scaffolding to if the nails are appropriately placed. 

Managing these tasks manually can be challenging and tiring. But, an observation checklist app makes the process easier. It allows managers to record and share observations, in multi-medium like photos, and voice recordings about the site visit, to all the employees. 

Moreover, using checklist apps, employees can quickly record critical information and share it with higher authorities with just one click!

2. Reduces the documentation overhead

Documentation is an often overlooked step in the construction industry. But it’s essential to keep track of the progress made on each project and the materials used to ensure the highest quality standards. 

This essential process of record-keeping is still done manually at many orgs. But with observation checklists, you don’t have to constantly witness all of the steps manually. So, you can focus on other tasks while still being aware of what’s going on elsewhere in the workplace at a glance.

Checklists can help employers keep track of and access all the necessary details, like the order of tasks, safety precautions, and resources required at the site, in their pockets! This feature saves time and effort and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

3. Create and review reports on the go!

On-the-go business owners and managers can now keep track of the progress of their business whenever they are away from their desks with the observation checklist apps.  

Such apps provide features to create reports or check in on current projects and tasks. Moreover, through these apps, it is simple to share reports and data with co-workers and employees to get their input or approval on projects or assignments.

4. Connect with employees without being on the site

One of the OSHA requirements is to ensure employees are skilled and aware of potential hazards and how to handle them at the workplace. 

Employers will likely have multiple projects and tasks on their plate, each requiring its own set of workers. The observation checklist app improves communication among the employees and removes the chances of doubts leading to mishaps. 

The app can help companies stay organized and keep track of essential workplace activities across multiple locations.

Get Started with OSHA Compliance with Pulse

Are you just getting started with OSHA compliance? Are you having difficulties staying compliant because management is getting overwhelming via the manual track? 

Using the right observation checklist app will ensure that you are staying compliant with the rules and not just doing it to check off a box. 

Pulse, an AI-based audit and inspection tool offers an automated compliance solution for your company. With Pulse, you have all your workflows and training tools at your fingertips. 

Furthermore, pre-made checklists are the perfect way to adapt to the workload of any given industry. Whether you’re in finance or construction management, observation checklists ensure your employees have all the details they need to maintain safe work practices, and the workplace is up-to-date and efficient.

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