Is Your Business Ready for a Big Reopening Post Lockdown?


All businesses across industries have been affected in some way or the other by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The situation worsened rapidly, and there was no time for companies to switch on their plan B. But the smart ones continued to carefully observe the changes in government’s regulations and looked at reopening their businesses gradually post lockdown.

One of the critical things in that regard is the on-site inspection of an establishment. It could be a restaurant, a warehouse, an automobile repair shop, or a gymnasium. Any physical concern that observes human activity requires an inspection to make sure it is fit to carry out business.

And as cities across India enter a hopeful phase of eased regulations, there are a few items that businesses will need to check before they resume operations. Here’s a quick look at the critical ones.

Doing Business in the Coronavirus Era – 3 Points to keep in mind

Is it safe for your staff and customers to interact inside the walls of your shop? How strictly are you following the unlock guidelines set by the government? How consistent is your shop’s safety? Do you inspect daily or weekly?

You are bound to face several such questions as you consider reopening, but checking the following three aspects of your business will give you the much-needed confidence to resume work and acclimatize with the new normal.

Are you strictly following government regulations?

The severity of the situation requires you to stay up to date with the government’s regulations. For example, India’s central government has released a list of guidelines as part of Unlock 3.0. While the significant measures remain, there have been changes too.

If you run a gymnasium, you can look at reopening it. But how to approach the reopening and to create your own set of guidelines for your customers is essential.

There’s also a need to read through the ambiguity in (and sometimes even the lack of) specific parts of the guidelines. For example, it is not clear how many customers can utilize a particular area in a gym at a given time. These decisions depend on your judgment and understanding of the situation.

Do your customers, and Staff feel safe in the shop?

While the guidelines released by central and state governments are broad, it is up to you to tailor it for your business. Restaurants can double up as dark kitchens to stick to the guidelines and continue to operate, but if you have a physical store, you have to open up the shutters.

This calls for a periodic check on your customers and staff. Do they feel safe in your shop?

Have sanitizers, stickers reminding patrons to wear face masks, and social distancing directions been placed in and around the shop? Have the staff been briefed about the updated guidelines? Considering the nature of the virus, the smallest of the things matter. In such cases, on site inspection tools can help. These mobile-based audit software systems allow owners and proprietors to ensure that periodic checks happen in your store.

What is your risk factor in case of a premature opening?

This is about looking at the larger picture. When reopening your business, assume the worst-case scenario and see how it looks. Will the reopening lead to any company? Will you be bleeding your thin purse? Is it even necessary to open now?

The answers to these questions will give you a better idea whether you’re poised to reopen successfully.

Every business is different, but there are a few things when it comes to reopening that apply to everyone. If you are a business owner and are excited to up the shutters in this fiscal quarter, ask yourself these questions. You will be able to make a better decision.