Pulse improved customer ratings and repeat orders for the world’s largest cloud kitchens

Pulse improved customer ratings

Platform usage stats of cloud kitchens (growth in 12 months)

  • 3x increase in monthly cloud kitchen inspections. 30000 to 90000
  • 5x increase in processes tracked. 30 to 150 processes
  • 540 outlets, 10 countries
  • 2.5x increase in users. 300 to 750
  • 15 MN data points collected 

Below mentioned is the impact of conducting digitized inspections through Pulse

  1. Automated action on critical deviations

Pulse links directly with food aggregator (Swiggy, Zomato) listings algorithm. 

Kitchens get delisted in case a minimum quality threshold score is not reached for critical daily audits. This is a defined process and Management has a zero exceptions policy on this. Since it’s automated, the policy is implemented sans human bias or dependency.

As a result, kitchen heads take greater ownership of the quality and processes of their own kitchens; or else they risk losing their share of the revenue due to the delisting.

Management of the company has taken the tough step of risking occasional revenue losses in order to maintain standards and the brand’s reputation in the long-term.

Besides fully shutting down a kitchen, operational managers can also choose to take localised measures like temporarily discontinuing a dish from a particular kitchen’s menu in case SOPs on preparing that dish are repeatedly flouted.

  1. Revenue impact through better customer ratings, more repeat orders and fewer returns 

Inputs from audits are a trigger for action and thereby improvements; and those improvements are again verified through audits.

This whole loop, along with details on all improvement actions or gaps in action, is accessible to everybody in the organisation in one click. Management is empowered with the capability to know what happens in all kitchens across geographies, without having to make phone calls or write complex queries.

To complement this spectacular visibility, inputs have been made more reliable (35x increase in sampling), objective, live, accessible to all, granular and verifiable. This means fewer issues are left undiscovered and action is taken much faster.

This process has helped target and measurably improve what matters most i.e., consistency.

From a revenue perspective, it has contributed to 9% improvement in ratings & 7% increase in repeat orders, and a 16% dip in return/refunds.

  1. The confidence to scale

When the management has sound control over the efficiency of operations of the existing kitchens, they feel confident about rapidly opening new ones, which is crucial in the current stage of expansion for the company.

  1. Dissecting accidents

In case of an honest mistake/accident, it is now easy for a person in charge to demonstrate that all due precautions had been taken. There’s no room for scapegoating or unfair penalties.

And quite importantly, it also gives the team new insights on loopholes that weren’t known till that point. A way to identify the unknown unknowns.

  1. “Regional auditors are less tired!”

Since the app offers its full functionality on phones, auditors no longer need to lug laptops and backpacks to all the kitchens they visit in a day (which might be up to a dozen) for kitchen inspections. Moreover, the company saves on the costs of laptops and backpacks.