The ONLY iAuditor Alternative You’ll Ever Need in 2022


Every organization needs to carry out audits, inspections, and safety compliances. In addition, they must adhere to specific business norms to ensure all the work is running smoothly and without any hindrances. For example, the retail and construction industry will have different inspection and EHS guidelines than manufacturing.

However, no matter the diversity of compliances, one aspect of it remains constant across niches – orgs must be able to spring into action when compliance calls. They must be well-positioned to take quick action and drive change when needed. 

This is where EHS tools come in handy. Pulse is worth your special attention as a reliable EHS software as well as an iAuditor alternative software. It digitizes and effectively streamlines your organizational processes, ensuring smooth operations in the workplace. 

This article sees why Pulse is the only iAuditor alternative you’ll need in 2022. 

Why Do You Need Pulse as your iAuditor Alternative? 

For years, organizations have relied solely on manual auditing – a lengthy and tedious process prone to errors and ambiguities. 

That’s why you now have powerful apps that carry mobile inspections, taking charge of strenuous auditing processes and ensuring every process is carried out without a bump in the road. Some of them can even work offline. 

The auditing process consists of many strenuous tasks that need to be communicated effectively to every team member involved to ensure the completion of these tasks. Therefore, manual auditing naturally has some issues: 

  • It is time-consuming.
  • There is no backed-up data in case of loss or damage. 
  • It’s high in cost.
  • It’s labor-intensive.
  • It is prone to physical damage and theft. 
  • It lacks a tight security system. 
  • It’s slower and less efficient.
  • It is prone to human error. 
  • It could be confusing or ambiguous.

Having digitized auditing software can significantly help improve your business practices rather than manually doing so. Pulse helps your team gather accurate data in real-time and make them accessible to the team at once. 

Moreover, the accuracy of the data captured with Pulse is also superior because you have multiple media options like videos, images, and sound recordings to enable higher quality data gatehring.  

Uses and Benefits of Pulse

When you switch to Pulse, you take your internal auditing to the next level. From creating checklists, carrying out tasks accordingly, and meeting your compliance standards while improving your business functions – everything is a breeze with Pulse. 

Here are some other organizational practices you can carry out with Pulse: 

  • Log incidents. 
  • Manage all incidents. 
  • Conduct inspections.
  • Generate real-time reports.
  • Analyze results. 
  • Secure data. 
  • Coordinate tasks efficiently. 

So, why should you switch to iAuditor alternatives like Pulse? The answer is convenience. The answer is agility. The answer is profitability and ROI. 

Older tools are outdated and maybe complicated to use, while Pulse is available as a mobile app that has an intuitive UI that provides real-time data from the get-go. 

Here are some benefits of Pulse: 

1. It offers unlimited checklist templates 

Since every industry has a different set of protocols to adhere to, it might be challenging to find software that adjusts to all. And checklists certainly cannot be universal. That’s why Pulse offers multiple checklist templates, so whether you’re in the IT industry or fashion, there’s a checklist template for you. 

2. It reduces security risks 

Pulse is designed to cater to organizations of any size, big or small – no matter how security-sensitive. While manual auditing increases the risk of data compromise, Pulse helps keep your data secure through its industry-standard security and encryption technology.

3. Reduces manual errors 

In a face-paced world, there’s no room for organizational mistakes, as one error could hinder your entire business structure. And manual auditing is notoriously prone to errors. Pulse carries out a systematic auditing process free of errors while ensuring that no task is undone. 

4. Comes with an easy-to-read dashboard 

Pulse comes with a dashboard that provides all the analytics under one roof, allowing easy mitigation of problems and enhanced productivity. All your issues and solutions will be in one place, making problem-solving an easier task. You or your team don’t need any data specialization to decipher the Pulse dashboard. Simply informative! 

5. It’s mobile-friendly 

You don’t need to be a tech expert to operate Pulse. It has a state-of-the-art software platform with an easy-to-use and friendly interface available on a mobile app. This makes Pulse a convenient, quick, and simple choice for fast-paced enterprises. 

6. It gathers real-time data 

It’s challenging to collect critical data for your organization manually. Therefore, Pulse stores millions of data points and converts them into simple and easy-to-understand formats such as graphs and pie charts. This makes it easier for an organization to gather trend reports and solve problems quicker. 

7. Allows easy collaboration and communication 

Pulse allows easy collaboration between employees to delegate the work effectively. This ensures that each task is assigned to the deserving employee, making organizational processes smoother and more productive. 

Why Choose iAuditor Alternatives Like Pulse? 

Are you ready to make the switch? Statistics prove that Pulse is the better iAuditor alternative and the software you need for your organization to thrive. 

Here’s what Pulse stats say: 

  • With Pulse, risks of malfunction in the organization are reduced by 73%.
  • In addition, it saves 9 hours of the manual inspection time.
  • It reduces environmental impact by 28%.
  • It increases sustainability measures by 33%.

Try the free Pulse demo today,  and you’ll know its benefits. Streamline your safety compliances and audit processes with the best iAuditor alternative software out there.