Free iAuditor Alternatives: Should You Consider One?


A proper audit and inspection tool like iauditor automates security analysis checklists for the organizations and saves time often wasted in manual check-listing. Hence, most organizations are moving towards deploying a proper audit and inspection tool. 

Given the need, the market is flooded with both free and paid EHS software. While there is an expensive industry-grade iAuditor, there are other free iAuditor alternatives like TypeForms or SurveyMonkey or even the universal Google Docs.

But the question is — can deploying a free EHS software prove to be a one-stop safety solution? Let’s explore. 

Should You Consider a Free iAuditor Alternative for Safety Compliance?

Here are some of the hidden costs/downsides of free software that turn into pain points in the long run:

1. Free EHS software may not be as user-friendly as commercial software

While several tools in the market claim to solve huge safety problems, the software often lacks an effective user interface, intuitive, and easy to use. This makes the user annoyed to work with complicated software. Also, the more complex a software is, the more potential it has to hamper can reduce efficiency. 

2. Free EHS Software lacks the extensive customer tech support

Solving problems or safety compliance hurdles organizations face with free EHS software can be difficult and tiresome. Sometimes features and systems tend to overwhelm users. A commercial EHS software usually has a product team (client success) to train clients regarding the use of the product and its features and a support team to ensure the customers are satisfied. Working with free EHS Software, on the other hand, sometimes leaves organizations on their own. 

3. Free EHS Software lacks the security and reliability 

Free comes at a cost. A free EHS software can claim to be 100% safe, but one can not be sure of any undocumented behavior down the line. With it comes the considerable risk of safety, security, and downtime.
On the other hand, a commercial partner assures you 100% safety and promises to absorb the risks. 

Hence, one should not always get attracted to free EHS software just because it is free. That’s why Pulse, although not free, is a better iAuditor alternative than the ones that don’t charge and also don’t offer the safety and reliability you could benefit from.

Do You  Need an iAuditor Alternative, Even if it is Not Free?

If your organization has one or more of the reasons mentioned below concerning, you may need an alternative, for the best, even if it is not free:

  • If you have already aced the paper-based auditing and inspecting and wish to take a step ahead in improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • If you understand from your experience that paper auditing and inspecting don’t wholly focus on closing the loop between discovering deficiencies and eradicating them.
  • If you understand the complexity of modern compliance and safety inspections and want to ease the whole process. 
  • If you want a stand-alone solution for audits and inspections that can take care of multiple aspects.

These are some commonly applicable reasons why an organization may look for a commercial iAuditor alternative. But the list can certainly be longer. 

What Makes Pulse a Powerful iAuditor Alternative?

For starters, Pulse is an improvement-focused EHS platform that delivers real value from day one. It is a game-changing tool that helps organizations navigate from issue detection to action at the drop of a hat. 

Pulse is one efficient simplified management system that focuses on empowering your teams to oversee all operations quickly. Below are a few ways it achieves that:

  1. Easy Adoption offers a modern interface that builds a strong safety culture and can be easily adopted by your teams. It extends robust 24*7 support to deliver a seamless experience. 
  2. Enhanced Data Security: Pulse is designed to support large, security-sensitive enterprise organizations. It enforces technical and organizational security measures that better protect important mission-critical data.
  3. Frictionless Integration: It offers easy integration with several mobile, web, or internet-enabled applications. Moreover, it is beautifully architectured to create powerful workflows and give a 360-degree view of ongoing operations. 
  4. Quick Mobile Functionality: Pulse’s mobile interface aids in achieving universal levels of adoption, resulting in readily available, integral business intelligence whenever and wherever you require it.

What Are The Practical Benefits of Pulse as an iAuditor Alternative?

Pulse is​​ trusted by many companies worldwide for its world-class safety audit and inspection suite of software. Below are some of the key benefits of deploying Pulse:

1. You bid adieu to the tonnes of paperwork

The tool takes away the pain of manual inspection and offers you real-time insights and control. In addition, it offers advanced and futuristic solutions that eradicate the pain of manually creating checklists and updating the heavy excel sheets. 

Its features help streamline all the data and improve productivity throughout the organization. Advantages include timely reports, regular inspections, reduced discrepancies in fixing issues, consistent data, and quick measures. 

2. Pulse simplifies problem-solving call-to-action  

Collaboration and coordination are the two pillars behind any organization’s success. This tool enables seamless collaboration between all your teams and allows for customizing the workflows. 

It offers a straightforward dashboard with all the operations under one roof, enhancing productivity while mitigating issues and taking action. Assessing the safety level to damage control helps you speed up the process and close the loop. 

3. Pulse offers robust analytics and instant professional reports

A powerful and advanced analytics engine backs pulse.
It stores millions of data points, converts them into visually appealing readable formats such as graphs and pie charts. 

The software’s robust mechanism gives an edge in identifying patterns and trends to mitigate future issues. It also provides you insightful and comprehensive real-time reports at your fingertips within no time. 

4. Pulse empowers businesses to gain full control of  EHS processes 

The tool enables organizations to design their processes their way. From providing the option to pick suitable checklists or make one to customizing reports, every aspect of the process can be customized to suit the needs. It also empowers organizations by giving them complete admin access to all checklists as well as inspections. 

In this fast-paced, highly regulated world, there is no room for errors. Noncompliance comes with severe, aggressively enforced penalties, and no organization wishes to step in that direction. 

With its state-of-the-art improvement-focused platform, Pulse can be that one commercial partner that has solutions to all your safety woes. It can help you digitize, automate, and revitalize your security audit inspection. Try the free demo today to make a difference.