What Makes Pulse the BEST iAuditor Alternative?


Compliance with environmental, health, and safety (EHS) issues is an integral part of providing a safe and healthy working environment in any industry. To successfully implement an EHS strategy, organizations need technology that can help them comply with the EHS standards.

Pulse offers tailored and specialized solutions to meet the needs of diverse industry safety standards. It provides solutions, analyzes problems, and integrates modules to meet the daily compliance challenges of various industries. So, is this the reason why Pulse is the best iAuditor alternative? Before we answer that question, let’s explore: 

What is an Audit and Inspection tool?

Audit and Inspection for safety programs and workstations can serve as tools to identify hazards and problems before they result in accidents. In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of safety programs, audits can also work as a guide for ensuring compliance with regulations.

The advantages of having an automated Audit and Inspection tool are: 

  • Efficient resolution to EHS compliances
  • Achieve multi-process alignment and consistency of standards
  • Tools are easily scalable and can grow with the company
  • Audits and inspections are visible in real-time (or nearly real-time) across the organization
  • Adhering to OSHA guidelines, avoiding penalties, and mitigating reputational loss
  • Save time and resources

With that in mind, let’s see what makes Pulse the BEST iAuditor alternative. Shall we?

What Makes Pulse the BEST iAuditor alternative?

The work environment and wallet benefit from paperless audits and inspections because they’re fast and flexible. And time is money! Hence, ideally, spend as little time and money on audits and inspections as possible while ensuring no quality compromise. 

Pulse helps you achieve precisely this by drastically reducing your administrative workload. Go from problem identification to action in a flash. In addition, Pulse is a comprehensive tool that empowers your team with OSHA compliance. So, what features make it so promising?

1. Assign and Track Actions

Having difficulty resolving an issue or figuring out how to proceed? It’s easy. The best iAuditor alternative like Pulse can transform any issue into action by empowering your teams to collaborate and mitigate it effectively.

  • You can add additional information to your actions by adding notes and photos.
  • Assign a priority to the action and provide a resolution deadline.
  • Thanks to the timeline attached to every issue and action posted, you can visualize the whole flow as a more logical conversation. 
  • Workplace communication is easy – you and your teammates can add comments and photos in real-time. 

2. API Integration

With Pulse, you can use the software applications you already use to accomplish your upgraded auditing and inspection objectives, making it the perfect iAuditor alternative

In addition: 

  • Leverage powerful business intelligence tools like Tableau for a more significant impact on your analytics and reporting. 
  • Store your Pulse data Google Docs or Google Sheets for straightforward interpretation. 
  • Enable Single Sign-On for your teams and users without compromising on data security.
  • Automate report sharing and simplify your inspections. 
  • Generate prompt actions once an inspection response is chosen.

3. Checklist Templates

Are you creating a new template? Not hard. Start your journey with a wide variety of templates, custom-made to suit different industries. Then, customize one that fits your needs. It is as simple as dragging and dropping elements. Plus: 

  • Upload your existing checklists in Excel, Word, and PDF formats and convert them into real-time checklists.
  • Logic can be built into inspections with Pulse, making the process simpler and more accurate. 
  • Organize inspections, and save time and resources. 
  • Easy to share templates across teams and locations. 

Additionally, obtain reports on how many times users in each office have accessed the templates. The best part is, you can do all this in real-time via the powerful auto-sync feature, which synchronizes your organization’s activities in real-time.

4. Insightful Reports

Obtain comprehensive employee performance reports with Pulse:

  • Pulse understands your need to quickly, easily, and efficiently generate brand-specific reports.
  • All reports can be fully customized with your company logo, font, etc. 
  • As a bonus, share those reports with a single click.
  • Choosing who to share reports with is incredibly flexible with Pulse. 
  • Plus, before sending a report, you can decide which fields go into it.
  • No more last-minute scrambling to find your last month’s report because of disk space problems.  

With Pulse, you have access to unlimited storage space for your reports, as well as the ability to retrieve and organize them anytime, anywhere easily.

5. Manage Workflow

Successful teams work together. To make Pulse more user-friendly, we have simplified how teams are added and managed:

  • Pulse enables you to schedule inspections on dates and times of your choice. Then, automatically, the inspections will take place at exactly the right time and date. 
  • Instead of manual audits, let your team concentrate on business development. 
  • Pulse makes it easy to create a team in minutes and start collaborating.
  • You can manage your team members directly from Pulse. 
  • In addition, you can update their profile, set sharing preferences, and set permissions within the app.

A powerful admin interface can give your employees unlimited control over your teams by changing them into admins. In addition, the admins will have access to all reports and analytics.

Data Visualization Made Easy with Pulse

Pulse provides millions of data points in a readable format in the form of charts and numbers that you can access from one location.

To sum up, the best iAuditor alternative needs:

  • A modern interface that enables quick adoption
  • Should be crafted meticulously to match the security requirements
  • Can connect all your tools to create potential workflows
  • A mobile-ready application
  • Offers robust customer support for issue resolution

So, if you would like to speed up your audits and inspections, Pulse can make the work seamless in just five simple steps. Know more about it here.