Our Definitive Guide to the Best iAuditor Alternative


Today, with steeper fines, penalties, and injuries for non-compliance, organizations are scrambling to ​​ comply with the industry-level environment, health, and safety standards manually. However, despite iAuditor being a popular safety audit and compliance management software, it may not cover all the bases for your organization.

With that said, there are various iAuditor alternatives readily available for organizations to make the EHS process more straightforward, more cost-effective, and faster. One such tool is Pulse, which makes for the best iAuditor alternative you can get your hands on!

Before we dive into details, let’s understand what Pulse is and what makes it one of the best cloud-based Inspection and compliance audit tools to substitute iAuditor? 

What is Pulse?

Pulse is an easy-to-use tool for digitizing operations and managing EHS inspections like safety audits and reviews. The software enables a comprehensive approach to oversee operations and ​​transform existing processes to control audit, risk, and compliance with the help of advanced automation and limitless integrations. 

What Makes Pulse the Ideal iAuditor Alternative? 

An EHS software or any good iAuditor alternative must cater to certain pain points associated with safety, EHS compliance, and auditing. Here’s how Pulse ticks all the checkboxes and more:

1. Simplicity and Lightning Fast Set-Up 

Pulse includes an array of features and functionalities that empower effortless adoption of the tool for quicker and lasting success.  It also allows for easy API Integration. This provides organizations an edge over the competitors and helps them stay ahead in the game. 

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2. Superior Automation 

This unique dynamic engine helps organizations audit and inspect, improve management plans, and quickly resolve problems by completely automating the processes. One can feel the power of automation when the inspections are automatically triggered with 0 human intervention. 

3. Unparalleled Connectivity 

Pulse empowers the teams by providing an opportunity to be proactive wherever they are. It provides a 360-degree view of the business at a glance and makes it simpler to stay connected anytime on mobile on the go!

4. Exceptional Customer Support 

Pulse transforms the way organizations operate. ​​It provides exceptional support to the teams for holistic EHS management. From valuing each query to working on every feedback, Pulse strives to serve the clients the best version of the tool and a seamless customer experience.

How Does Pulse Help You Get Started With Your EHS Digital Transformation Journey?

Pulse helps organizations scale up to a new level of efficiency to a more controlled environment. Pulse’s high-grade EHS software provides a single dashboard solution that ensures the connection between all safety processes – including facilitating efficiency, visibility, scalability, personalization, integration, and accessibility over the safety program. Here’s how one can get going with Pulse:

1. Helps in Choosing a Powerful Template

The first step is to upload a template, whether creating one from scratch or picking from many pre-created options. A logical inspection checklist halves the efforts and controls the flow of the inspection. Pulse eases this process by providing customization flexibility and the liberty to choose from a set of built-in templates.  In addition, it ensures that the checklist is logic-infused. 

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2. Helps in Managing Scheduling Inspections 

Once you’ve prepared an intelligent checklist, it’s time to move on to enhancing productivity by setting a pre-scheduled frequency for inspections. Again, Pulse ensures that there are no errors and the organization works in a risk-free manner. In addition, Pulse ensures that your inspections are automated and require zero human intervention. In other words, it enables a robust safety and audit cycle with minimal effort. 

3. Helps in Intelligent Real-Time Reporting 

Pulse leverages the cloud database to enhance data sharing for quicker resolutions. In addition, this functionally rich integrated platform ensures that the teams get real-time status of operations and reports for a frictionless, error-free experience. 

4. Helps you Land Informed Decisions with Powerful Analytics

With a data-focused EHS program, Pulse prepares insightful reports for making informed decisions. It observes trends and patterns while studying the data, preparing an in-depth report for the organizations. Its pro-active analytics include anomaly detection, quick notifications, and actionable tasks for taking corrective measures at the drop of a hat. 

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5. Keeps you Secure with its Cloud-Based Safety Audit Management System 

Pulse is accessible via the web and mobile devices and is hosted on a 100% secure cloud architecture. For instance, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology hosts and administers Pulse’s physical infrastructure. It means the data is hosted and managed within Google’s secure data centers. In addition, Google manages risk continuously and conducts regular audits to guarantee compliance with industry standards.

Reach Your EHS Goals Faster with Pulse 

Pulse’s audit and safety management software helps in effectively digitizing and simplifying the intensive mundane paperwork activities. As an iAuditor alternative that enables smoother workflow management and ensures safety, Pulse makes for one of the best choices for making a switch. So, go ahead, and take a free trial to trust us with your compliance and EHS Software needs!