Safety Audit Software: 10 Tools to Help You Reach Safety Compliance


Safety Audit Software is a prerequisite for any organization looking for ways to comply with industry-level health and safety standards.  However, since every business is unique, there is no one size fits all rule in this scenario.

That said, different software developers bring various audit apps into the market. If you are reading this article, chances are you are already looking for a tool that complies with EHS and optimizes the increase in monetary savings of your company. 

Luckily for you, we have listed down the 10 best Safety Audit Software in the market right now. Before we dive in, let’s understand the basic functionalities of a safety audit tool.  

What is a Safety Audit Software? 

For those of you who aren’t entirely familiar with this tool yet, a Safety Audit Tool minimizes the safety and health hazards at the workplace. Not just that, it renders the benefit of analyzing data and managing paperwork, enabling companies to ensure that it is in line with all the applicable laws.  

Tools like internal controls software or audit management software are used to implement internal audits. Since hiring an auditor can be time-consuming and expensive, these software tools come in handy.

In such instances, Audit Software helps cost-effectively manage the internal workflow of the company. Moreover, by implementing this tool, you get to store and regulate the audit findings and have the opportunity to skip manual interventions. 

That said, not every audit software qualifies as a good one. The program must feature easy-to-use templates and procedures. Thus, it won’t require you to be a trained professional to regulate safety measures. Moreover, the tool must be industry-specific and offer efficient solutions. 

Principal Types of Safety Audits 

Safety Audits can primarily be of three types depending on the type of data it accumulates. 

Compliance Audit

A compliance audit is one of the general audit tools that auditors use to ensure if the company is in line with the safety protocols. The auditor runs the management activities through the OSHA standards and determines its level of adherence. 

Since any non-compliance with OSHA standards can result in a hefty fine, companies focus primarily on compliance audits. But, even then, it can sometimes be unproductive. The reason is that these types of audits tend to concentrate on the perceptible issues only, which makes them oblivious to the threats that require immediate attention. 

Program Audit 

A program audit evaluates the performance of a program inside out to determine if it can exhibit safe outcomes. Though the program audit fails to authenticate the industry-level standards of management activities, it is the only program to test the Health, Safety, and Environment regulations.

It effectively analyzes the format and procedures of the program and reports the gaps to the related authorities. 

Management System Audit 

Last but not least, a management system audit is the compilation of both the program audit and the compliance audit. So, this audit evaluates the company management activities and the existing procedures and performance. 

This audit runs an in-depth analysis procedure by interviewing the staff and seeing if the company activities comply with the regulatory norms. The extensive auditing procedure compiles all the related observations such as employee interviews, workplace conditions, equipment conditions, etc., and reviews them. Lastly, the report gets determined by comparing the conformity. 

10 Best Safety Audit Software

While there’s an overwhelming number of safety audit tools in the market,  you’re probably looking for the best fit for your company. Here’s a list of the ten best safety audit software. 


First is Pulse (that’s us!), a cloud-based safety audit software that runs company activities through EHS regulations and helps them conform to quality control standards.

Pulse’s API integration helps you automate your business processes with the app or software and generate real-time data inspection. Its easy-to-use trait allows businesses to maintain industry-level health and safety protocols without breaking the bank. 

Since Pulse comes with API, it enables seamless integration between various platforms, ensuring you an all-encompassing experience. Moreover, its app also works offline. This feature allows you to support large and security-sensitive organizations.

Lastly, our in-built checklist templates and user-friendly template builders not only save time and energy but create a holistic experience where you can produce reports faster.

Are you interested in giving it a go? Then, sign up and try Pulse for free!  


AuditBoard is another cloud-based audit software that enables real-time data capture and instant evaluations. Its dashboard and easy-to-use audit help organizations in streamlining internal audits and determining SOX compliance. It evaluates the risk factor by analyzing the reviews of the frontlines and generates necessary solutions. 

AuditBoard is one of the top-rated safety management and GRC software that enables an in-depth understanding of the control environment. Moreover, it was rated one of the hundred fastest-growing tech companies in North America by Deloitte. 


The experts at Galvanize built this audit software named HighBond because they wanted to have a better work environment. This platform is the compilation of risk management and regulatory compliance, and expert solutions. With the help of repetitive tasks, this audit tool binds the entire organization into a seamless internal audit control. 

Since the process regulates under one platform, you get to integrate all the tasks through one source. Thus, this audit saves time and generates user convenience. 

SAI 360  

SAI 360 offers an EHS and GRC integrated platform to solve risk management with the help of software and learning content. 

The cloud-based SAI 360 GRC platform enables a flexible and measurable format for its customers for the highest user experience. For over 25 years, this company has helped organizations across the globe achieve regulatory conformity and business resilience. 

With the help of this audit software tool, you get to streamline internal audits and tailor the processes according to its Leverage Integrated Insights (LRM). Moreover, its built-in training process allows you to generate an engaged corporate culture. 


iAuditor is another EHS audit platform that enables companies to maintain health and safety protocols within the workplace environment. 

The company has managed to safely establish itself as one of the best audit software across different industries. With this platform, you get to enable the luxury of streamlining the audit process and consult the results with both the team and stakeholders simultaneously.

However, different audit software gets built for different categories of business. This safety audit is for organizations that want to comply with safety regulations while generating operational efficiency. 


ZenGRC is a cloud-based SaaS solution platform that helps you maintain GRC compliance and retain a guided map for future activities. 

ZenGRC works in the center of your organization, monitoring each activity and identifying risks to maintain an efficient and safe working environment. It is a built-in end-to-end risk management software tool that tailors your processes to conform to regulatory standards. 

ZenGRC fits different company categories like SMB and enterprises. It allows increased evaluation through the dashboards and direct integration with ServiceNow, AWS, Qualys, Slack, JIRA, and more. Thus, offering you the luxury to avoid labor-intensive and time-consuming manual audits.  

LogicGate Risk Cloud 

LogicGate Risk Cloud tailors the way every business manages against industry risks. Its no-code, easy-to-use expert guidance navigates safety measures across the company. 

This safety audit software primarily evaluates the risk programs of the company and reports to the authorities of the changes that need to get placed. Moreover, this GRC Software offers a flexible implementation process that does not require to be technologically advanced to regulate throughout the industry. 


AuditRunner is a low-code GRC software that regulates internal audit and quality management across the industry. It is a user-friendly tool that you can incorporate into organizations of all sizes. So far, it has digitized over 4000 businesses in its service of 15 years. 

This audit software comes with a built-in management module that you can utilize to create and tailor processes according to regulatory standards. In addition, since this audit software gets designed with COSO Framework, it has a ready-to-go SOX auditing process. 

With the help of AuditRunner, you can manage all the GRC activities under one process, so you have time to prioritize other activities. Moreover, its cloud-based system allows you to integrate with software such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft 365. 


AuditComply operates mainly within food and beverages, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and finance industries. This Integrated Risk Management platform offers a SaaS solution in risk management. 

With the help of AuditComply, you get to tailor the way your industry navigates and handles risk factors. In addition, it allows you to evaluate and manage the processes and report compliance and quality management to the authorities. 

Fastpath Assure  

Fastpath Assure allows industries to track, evaluate and decrease the number of risk factors and non-compliance throughout the industry. This cloud-based audit software offers a set of rules specified for each ERP that works across many ERP/CRM systems. 

With Fastpath Assure, you get the opportunity to evaluate user access and report the identified result within HOURS. Moreover, Reviews Segregation of Duties is made user-friendly with this audit software, which gives you a comfortable experience.

Lastly, with its SOX compliance, you can share and review reports among employees and shareholders without much difficulty. 

So, Why Use a Safety Audit Software?

Companies tend to overlook safety audit programs since manual audits can be labor-intensive and expensive. However, this reluctance towards running safety audits drives companies towards vulnerabilities and breaches and hefty fines. 

A safety audit tool automates scheduled inspections and reporting in bulk across industries.

Thus, you don’t need a separate team to conduct such activities. So, in the long run, you are left with a cost-effective way of maintaining regulatory standards. That said, the pricing of the audit software highly depends on the company’s requirements and category. 

In the face of the 4th industrial revolution, paperwork and documents keep getting digitized as the job and industry sector modernizes. At this point, every company is looking for cost-effective and time-saving Software tools to avoid the inconvenience of managing and storing paperwork. 

And thus, Safety Audit Software features all of those amenities while helping organizations regulate safety protocols. It only takes a broader perspective to fully retain the usefulness of this software and not see it as just a legal necessity.

Since it routinely identifies the weaknesses in the workflow and reports back to the authority, you are more likely to avoid future threats. Thus, in the long run, the organization ends up generating more revenue. 

That said, enables an experience that is both user-friendly and efficient with the help of our API integrated EHS platform. Sign up for free today!

So the question remains, what Safety Audit Software are you going to incorporate into your business?