Why Should You Know Certain Things About EHS Software Management?


Every year, around the world, thousands of people get injured from activities at their workplace. It’s crucial to address accidents quickly and effectively to keep the employees safe. An organization loses trust and morale when mishaps become frequent, leading to emotional stress, productivity issues, and financial damage.

Here’s why adopting a digital approach can help you stay compliant. EHS management software helps you manage your company’s growth and improve compliance efforts. Using EHS software, enterprises can control environmental, health, and safety regulations from one centralized location.

But before you start with this software, you want to be sure that it’s the right EHS for your organization. There are several elements to evaluate when adopting EHS management software. 

This blog will help you understand how EHS software can help your business maintain OSHA guidelines and reduce potential manual overhead.

What Is EHS Software, and How Does It Help You?

EHS software has been a solution for companies looking to streamline their EHS compliance. EHS (Environmental, health and safety) is a suite of applications that work together to gather, store, and report enterprise risk data.

It allows companies to manage and comply with all the regulatory EHS requirements and corporate sustainability activities mandated by law. As the regulatory and EHS landscape changes, large companies with multiple locations have struggled to compile their data in a standard way. 

With EHS software, this process is more streamlined because of the ability to manage daily operations and historical records in one centralized database. It also helps companies enforce workflow controls and tracking to make data reporting and compliance easier.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides many benefits, and some of these are :

1. Reduces Manual Overhead and increases productivity

Are you looking for a tool to reduce your manual work? EHS software can help you and is an enormous time-saver, whether you’re handling simple or complex tasks.

Maintaining an organization requires you to fill out reports and organize data. If you have the right kind of EHS software to get the job done, your information will be available in a consistent format at any time on demand.  

2. Helps you Stay on Top Of your Game by increasing profits

As per the research, the cost of work injuries is nearly £15 billion. Keeping track of injuries at the workplace, providing appropriate safety measures and maintaining profits can be challenging tasks to achieve. 

EHS helps you by arranging training and safety programs at your company. This limits the number of workplace injuries – which ultimately increases profits.

3. Eases Out the Inspection and Audit Process

Are you keeping records to carry out the inspection process? Are you spending time on maintaining spreadsheets to make the inspection process easier? A study says that 90% of the sheets have errors and need to be corrected before submitting them to the concerned authorities.

EHS helps you automate the process and reduce manual errors by introducing you to the existing templates with a customization option.

4. Receive Reports On the go

If you are looking for a tool to manage your reports and make them customizable, EHS is a tool you can use to alter your statements to make them look more appealing. It lets you include logos and images, which helps to make your report easily legible to the intended audience.

What Are the Top Aspects of EHS Software, and Why Should You Know About It?

EHS software aims to aid businesses in managing the environmental health and safety of the company, workers and the public. It includes all the procedures in place to address the environmental concerns of a business. Many of the software solutions are cloud-based and are easy to use. 

Knowing how to use EHS software can be extremely useful in providing a clearer insight into how they can reduce overhead and help you stand out in the market.

Here are various features offered by EHS that help businesses run smoothly:

1. Customization- It lets you customize templates as per your project requirements.

An EHS software assists you with the pre-made templates. These templates are easy to use and reduce the manual work of creating them from start to end. Apart from this, the tool lets you customize templates if any of the templates don’t work for you. 

2. Connect with Existing Applications

One of the major concerns when moving to the digital approach is integrating and securing data present in existing applications. There are specific EHS softwares that help you connect with multiple applications seamlessly. 

For instance, connecting Google Docs and Google Sheets to keep track of all inspection responses is much more accessible through EHS as data is available in one place.

3. Provides You with tools to analyze performance

Are you tired of maintaining and tracking performance metrics now and then? An EHS software provides you the feature to track your organization’s performance anywhere with just a click. 

For instance, a tool has a feature to alert you whenever an incident occurs. Moreover, it helps you track the number of incidents occurred and how many inspections were conducted last month. In the end, fundamental analysis enables you to understand how a company has performed over the past months or years. 

4. Eases the Task of Assigning and Managing Workflow

A tool helps you communicate with your employees like you have a one-to-one conversation. You do not have to handle communication issues anymore as the device’s tasks and actions are available. 

The tool also lets you add notes and images to assign tasks to your employees. This way, communication is much smoother, and you are constantly updated if the job is done or is in progress.

5. Receive Reports in a matter of minutes

It is now easier to check reports on your device within a matter of minutes. An EHS software lets you be the master of your data and access it anywhere. A centralized repository for your documents makes it easy to share with the concerned authorities and auditors.

Pulse- An EHS software for your future.

Since EHS management software has become a more integral part of more businesses, having the right EHS software management practices in place is a must. With the correct EHS software management in place, workplace injuries are preventable. 

Pulse lets you grow by reducing your manual tasks such as scheduling inspections, managing and assigning workflows, customizable templates and a user-friendly approach to stay in the market. 
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